1997 Buick Century Custom 3100 V6 from North America


Not bad, but not as good as prior and post Buick models owned


Interior A pillar moulding on driver's side was replaced.

Window sweep mouldings on three different doors were replaced due to cracking and discoloration.

Center fold down arm rest lid, the plastic underneath the cloth caved in.

Low coolant level sensor in the radiator was replaced.

Water leak on passenger floor board. Lots of silicon on the seams of the windshield cowl is a common fix for this problem.

Sold the car to a friend after 3 years with 99,000 miles. This is what they had to repair:

Driver hub bearing.

Replaced radiator.

2 back window regulators (never fixed).

Intake gaskets.

A/C was on its way out. Never fixed.

Shortly after that the last and final issue of the engine barely wanting to start, and when it did it hardly ran with a loud knocking noise. My guess was the timing chain was stretched, but never bothered to dig any deeper.

Junked the car at 130,000 miles.

I performed all of the maintenance and repairs during both owners.

General Comments:

Not a bad car at all considering this would be Buick's entry level car after the Skylark was gone. Generic late 90s styling that to me looked better than Camry, Taurus and Accord competition.

The interior was nice looking with comfortable seats and user friendly gauge cluster. Head and leg room were roomy for a mid size car. Problem was the interior fit and finish were low quality.

The handling was good and the soft ride screamed Buick.

The engine power was lacking with the 3.1 as I wasn't a fan of that engine. In the late 80s- early 90s this engine was so much better with less issues when it had the multi port injection. Easier to work on too. The 3800 V6 should have been at least an option in this model.

This car was OK with all things said and knowing the post owner's history. In the past and after this car we had multiple Buicks that were superb. The mid 90s seem like a bad time for GM vehicles and lasted up until the bail out in 2009.

The comfort level, reliability and performance of this review are based on my ownership as I explained it was sold to a friend after.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2021

28th Feb 2022, 01:43

I second that 1989.5-1993 3.1L MPFI version was better. At that time GM started producing gasohol-compatible injectors and those engines just last with basic maintenance. Massive off-idle torque too if you use W-body computer, yet averaging 25 MPG.

100% of later 3.1/3.4L SFI versions require intake manifold re-gasketing.

1997 Buick Century Limited from North America


Reliable, reliable, reliable


The car battery had to be replaced once I got the car, but this is no fault of the car. It was bought from a used car dealer.

General Comments:

I love my car. It looks like an old persons car and I am pretty young so people think it is not going to be so great. When they see the inside and feel it driving on the rode they are constantly talking about and giving compliments. then I tell them how much it was used and they are completely shocked. This car has power, looks gorgeous inside and feels sooo comfortable since the seats are wide and very cushy for leather. I have sued the cruise which works fabulously and have been using it for mainly city driving, but have driven it quite a bit on the highway as well and it handles so well. The gas mileage is good for it being a V6. Reliable, reliable, reliable... that is my car:)

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Review Date: 16th January, 2008

1997 Buick Century from North America


Amazing, reliable, comfortable car!


What went wrong with the car? Nothing! This car was a beauty and absolutely amazing.

General Comments:

The car was given to me from my great grandmother with extremely low miles (1997 with only 30,000). I did a lot of traveling and never had a single problem.

Gas mileage was bearable for a V6.

The car was comfortable and roomy.

Extremely safe! I unfortunately only had the car for 5 months and got into an accident going 75 MPH on the highway, head on into the guardrail. I walked away from the accident with a couple bruises and that's all.

I loved this car, and you will too!

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Review Date: 26th July, 2006

30th Jul 2006, 01:29

They use a lot of these Buick Century's as rental cars. A bit dull as they may be, they are very reliable and deliver consistant performance. They are a smart choice for long-term transporation.