2004 Buick Century V6 from North America


Very good buy for the money


There is a squeak in the steering wheel when first moving the vehicle in the morning;

Also, the front brakes squeal when first moving.

General Comments:

The front seats, non power, are extremely comfortable especially for long highway runs.

Finding a place for the driver's left foot when running under cruise can be a tedious process.

As in all new cars, the ashtray is well concealed and hard to find and use.

Excellent standard radio, good reception, and the standard CD player does not skip tracks on rough pavement.

The one problem we are encountering is the high door sill. I have a bad left leg and it is becoming harder and harder to get into the vehicle with any grace.

This car did what it had to do while I was away from home on a remote assignment; it provided my wife with reliable, comfortable, efficient transportation (albeit a bit boring).

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Review Date: 24th October, 2008

17th Sep 2010, 15:32

A little update on our Century - it has been in service now for 7 years, was bought with 9700 km on it, and other than a squealing front brake problem, which was resolved, it has only been to the dealership for regular checkups.

We change the oil at regular intervals and it keeps on ticking.

Now at 74,000 KM and climbing.

Not a problem except for the brake thing, resolved by the dealer.

No wonder GM discontinued it - too good a car, and doesn't make enough in needed repair work!

Does need a new set of tires, though. A little worn to get through another Canadian winter.

I think the history of this vehicle shows what indoor parking can do to prolong vehicle life.. Now if there was only some way to put rubber bumpers on the pillars in the parkade... the back corners wouldn't be so scraped.

18th Sep 2010, 16:01

I'm curious how your brake issue was resolved. I have a 2005 Park Avenue with 37,000 miles, and have dealt with an ongoing squeal from my front brakes as well. I finally had it looked at Friday, and the dealer removed some rust from my rotors free of charge. It seemed to help, but did not eliminate the squealing completely.

12th Nov 2010, 23:15

Squeaky brakes:

After two trips the dealer replaced the front rotor under warranty; the first two times they just cleaned it with air pressure.

No squeak since.

13th Nov 2010, 08:52

My brakes are squealing again quite frequently. Mine only do it when I apply the brake. My car is long out of warranty, so I think I will just live with it.

26th May 2013, 00:27

Latest update: now at 90,000K.

In its life with us, this car has cost a little over $1,000 in total maintenance excepting oil changes, filters, and tires... just keeps on ticking. Not bad for 11 years of ownership!

In terms of cost, the best car I have ever owned.

2004 Buick Century Custom 3.1 from North America


Great comfortable and quiet used car value


Small lifter tick when it first starts; disappears in about 45 seconds.

General Comments:

Very reliable car with the most comfortable seats I've owned.

Extremely quiet ride.

The engine is powerful enough in town and on the highway, and gets surprisingly great mileage (24 city, 32 highway) for what rides like a large car.

The vision out the windshield and the large side mirrors makes driving effortless.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2008

2004 Buick Century from North America


A very nice sedan!


Nothing in 3-days!

Interior was very basic, reasonable workmanship.

General Comments:

I rented this car for 3 days, did a bit of driving in all conditions - warm and cold, as well as city and highway.

It was a typical American sedan - great ride, excellent handling and very powerful.

ABS braking came in handy on some slippery cobbled streets.

Considering the state of many roads in Quebec, this car was quiet! It had excellent suspension - not only over cobbled streets, but also over the many potholes on Quebec streets and highways.

The split bench seats were just OK - found the center armrest was a little high.

Terrific engine performance on the highway, notably in overtaking situations. Just a gentle touch on the accelerator, and you're off!

Controls were easy to use, though just a little out of reach on the center console.

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Review Date: 18th October, 2004

31st Jan 2005, 21:29

I have driven both a Camry and an Accord and was disappointed in both. It sounds like you are riding in a tank. The road noise is terrible and the engine roar is not much better.

2nd Mar 2005, 20:02

I bought a 99 accord brand new and have 58,000 miles on it. It is excellent for reliability, but not a good highway car. It is underpowered and after 2 hours my and my wifes backs are hurting. I am looking at taking it for a work car and getting something for our highway driver. I am looking at the Buick Century or a Chevy Impala.