16th Apr 2005, 15:44

I owned a Buick Century about 15 years ago and just loved it. I have a 1997 Lumina now and just love it, but I have to replace it and they have stopped making the Lumina so I have begun the search for a decent used car. I drove a Concorde, nice ride, bad seat comfort. I drove a Sebring, nothing thrilled me with that, bad seat once again. Then I decided to try another Buick and drove a 2004 Century. Ahhhh, a very comfortable seat, nice ride, quiet, etc. I don't know why I even thought about other brands, they don't even compare to the Buick's comfort. I will probably end up with some type of Buick.

18th Dec 2005, 05:02

I second that. And third it as well, if that's an option. Finding someone who actually agrees with my point of view regarding an American car, is like SETI getting a signal back. It's possible, but I never expect it.

I've read the magazine reviews (online versions, anyway). I quickly learned to avoid Motor Trend, C&D, and Road & Track. Honda has them in their collective back pocket, so their reviews are no good. There's edmunds.com, which always praises GM's engines and transmissions for their absolute sturdiness, but then proceeds to complain about the interior. After reading their reviews, you might think a Buick accelerates smoothly, but it's hard to see past the rags hanging from the roof, and the doors might fall off. My grandmother would have a word for that: NITPICKING. That would be in addition to my own summary: exaggeration. So Edmunds is slightly better than the others, but not much. Then there's Consumer Reports. I favor them over the others because of the "no advertising dollars" thing. To me, that means the purely factual test data (acceleration, etc.) is reliable. As far as the other stuff, like interior, seats, and all that, however, they also tend to nitpick. The only opinion you should consider about stuff like that is your own.

In my opinion, the Accord and Camry are excellent cars, but there's no way they compare to riding in a Century, or any other Buick or Olds (now long gone, sigh). In anticipation of any comments by Accord drivers, I will reiterate: I like the Accord very much. But when I get in my 2003 Century, it just has that "feel." The feel of a large, comfortable, competent AMERICAN sedan. Yeah, yeah, I know, American car companies can't do anything right. To some, that thought is absolutely ingrained, to the point that American cars are all tiny and underpowered, breaking down before they leave the dealer. How about putting down the biased magazine and test-driving one before you form an unfounded opinion.

I like Honda reliability and all, but what if I want more comfort, and vastly reduced road noise, so I can carry on a conversation at 70mph without yelling? I'm no huge fan of Fords, but I'm damn sure going to get a Crown Vic or whatever before an Accord. Those of us who own American don't bash imports, yet here on a Buick page, some arrogant fool decides to post that first ridiculous comment.

The second comment at first made me laugh, but my laughter turned somewhat sour as I realized the truth it evinced. If you read the mags, you'll miss out on an American car, and that's your problem. I don't care. No hard feelings, but it's pretty dang foolish to fail to weigh all options when you're going to spend 20 grand. But, whatever. Your car is good and all, but to me, capitalist pig that I am, my Buick is a damn sight better.

22nd Dec 2005, 21:26

I see the collision test of Buick Century is really bad (at least much worse than I expected). For a solid car like this, how come the safety is just so-so? This is my only concern to owning one.

12th Jan 2006, 20:13

You can't base your opinion about a whole industry on simple anecdotal evidence. For every "my college roommate's uncle's friend's 1971 Pontiac was junk" story, there is another "my friend's cousin's nephew's Honda was junk" story.

Look at the facts. In the most recent Initial Quality survey by JD Power, Buick ranked 3rd, behind only Jaguar and Lexus - cars costing significantly more. As a matter of fact, Buick has ranked in the Top 10 in both initial quality AND long-term reliability for most of the last 2 decades. Consumer Reports has consistently rated the LeSabre as one of the best used cars money can buy.

"Import" brands gained market share because of a few bad American products in the 1970's, and the personal biases of a large group of self-hating Americans who are all to ready to believe the worst about themselves. Check the facts. Buicks are great cars, always have been, and ONE bad experience by ONE person 26 years ago doesn't change that.

3rd May 2006, 04:59

Keep in mind that the Ford Focus is not an American vehicle, it is an exact copy from the German Ford Factory and here in Europe we have more problems with the Focus than overmileaged Thunderbirds.

17th Jul 2006, 23:10

I don't know about Buick being good cars. They're NOT good.

I have a co worker who has one. He has a number of problems with his Century! And very costly repairs at that!

I'm surprised that anyone says they are good when they're not. I'm talking about reliability - not comfort. He had to fix the intake manifold at 75k, the electronic odometer gives up. It'll cost him $600 if he wants to fix.

And a number of other annoying quality issues that land his Buick in the shop endless number of times! All that happens by 133k miles.

I will NEVER buy American. I drive 200 to 250 miles a day. Low quality cars like these are the LAST thing I need. I cannot have a car that is unreliable. I don't need a car that will do nothing but ruin my days! NOT TO MENTION tons of $$$ that should NOT need to be spent!!

My coworker drives roughly 100 miles a day. He's having more problems with his 2000s Buick Century than my 1985 Mazda 626. My 85 is all Japanese. My '85 has 160k miles and I never had any of these annoying quality issues, my Jap car just does what it supposed to do: Just run and run and run!! My 85 Mazda is actually MORE reliable than some new American cars of today!!!

18th Jul 2006, 17:06

I had a friend with a Century and it had over 300,000 on it and it ran just fine until some idiot in a Honda slammed into her at about 50. and I have a Neon and it has over 235,000 and still going strong. American cars rock!...

I also agree with the comment about how the Japanese used to be cheap and such and that's why people got them and to the same with Hyundai and Kia.

19th Jul 2006, 01:24

YES I am comparing my all Japanese 626 to the Americans.

I'm NOT going to say 626s are top in cars, but I drive my Japanese car 200 to 250 miles a day!! I have driven a total of 31k miles since I bought it a year and a half ago. I did the 30k in just in the last 6 months.

This car has given me NO headaches. Engine and transmissions run STRONG. AND THIS CAR IS 21 YEARS OLD TOO!!!

I have owned another 84 all Japanese 626 before, it had 246k miles on it and the engine AND transmission was still going. I NEVER had to replace the engine or transmission!

Not like my co workers Century, a MUCH newer car than my oldie car, and having these stupid things that should not give up, like the electronic odometer.

One other thing too. When I owned americanized cars (WHICH NEVER WILL HAPPEN TODAY 7-06!!) I had NEVER came through more than say 2 weeks without someone telling me : "You car is NOT going to last. They're LOW quality" I had ALWAYS got nothing but bad comments about Americans I owned! After owning a few of them and driven a some of miles (and not anything close to how much I drive my all Japanese 626) and experienced, I KNOW WHY NOW!!

And I agree with all the bad comments ALL THE WAY! I had MAJOR problems with these. Engines and transmission die. VERY expensive problems. These American cars made me lose A LOT of money, thanks a lot. On my (all Japanese) car, I never never had problems with engines or transmissions!