27th Sep 2007, 11:23

How cute, someone has invented a new spin term: "Americanized", whatever that's supposed to mean. It sounds like a term that should be applied to Toyota, with their attempt to pretend that they are now an "American" car company. Rotsa ruck!

Too bad his Mazdas and Nissan had such low mileage when they were shot. By his logic, my Dodge with over 260,000 miles on the original engine and transmission means that American cars are better than Japanese. Every one of the 15 American vehicles that my family has ever owned easily passed 200,000 miles on the original engine and transmission, so I know I'll stick with American cars rather than roll the dice with "Americanized" Toyotas.

27th Sep 2007, 16:52

Go to the new Acura... Hondas flagship reviews on this site and see why I now have new GM luxury models far superior and I am very pleased. I would have never looked or changed if they were great...

12th Nov 2007, 00:18

I think the guy said, all his Mazdas or other imports "I never had to be replace the engine or transmission". He did not mention any of his imports was shot. Please read it right.

No such thing as Dodge lasting that long, No siree.

12th Nov 2007, 15:48

"12th Nov 2007, 00:18.

I think the guy said, all his Mazdas or other imports "I never had to be replace the engine or transmission". He did not mention any of his imports was shot. Please read it right."

No, he quoted relative low mileage (200k, 242k, 192k miles) on his imports. That isn't high enough miles to be impressive. I never had to replace an engine or transmission on any of the dozen American cars that I've owned, and they all passed the mileage that he stated.

No such thing as Dodge lasting that long, No siree."

Oh, really? Then you'll think I'm lying when I say that my 1985 Dodge Ram had 260,200 miles on it when I sold it to a guy who is still driving it as a plow rig. Yes, original engine and transmission. I don't even have to cite mythical "friends" like some people do, but as a matter of fact, my friend's '84 Dodge Ram also has 250,000 miles on it, and he uses it as a regular work truck for hauling scrap iron. Surely, I'm really BS-ing when I say that my 1977 Dodge van had 220,000 (original engine and transmission) when I sold it to some local folks, and they were still driving it around several years later. The Plymouth Volar├Ęs all went over 200,000 miles and were still running when I sold them, and the '84 Plymouth Reliant had 230,000 miles when I gave it to my brother, who drove it for another five years. Yup, I'm making it all up. You bet. Go ahead and continue to be awed that a Honda will reach 150,000 miles.

13th Nov 2007, 19:41

What about today's Dodges! We want to know about today's cars!!! There is nothing but complaints on today's Intrepids and most other Dodges. How do you explain that??? I think we're talking about today's cars, not the dinosaur cars or trucks! You think Mazda going 242000 miles without replacing the engine or transmission is not impressive, WOW I don't know about you.

Now about the poster for hard selling american cars, it's very very true! People don't want american made cars, especially Dodge!

14th Nov 2007, 12:35

Speak for yourself; there are also a lot of people who do not want to buy Japanese cars, myself included. I would take the used Century over a brand new Camry or Accord any day. I (like many others) love my Buick and will never look elsewhere when I need a new car.

14th Nov 2007, 15:49

Back in 2004 when my dad was looking for a car, they had 2004 Centurys for 9995 at our dealer and 1998 Honda Accord LX's at those prices. To say the least we ended up with the Accord which we paid 16k for and it is a nice car. Lambast Toyota all you want, but everyone has got to realize that Honda's are more than a hunk of metal like every other midsize car. They are engineering marvels for their respectable class. Now do not think I am comparing the Accord to a Porsche because doing so would mean you did not read my statement. I say best midsize car.

14th Nov 2007, 17:53

What about today's Dodges? Good point: everybody likes the Charger, and the Caliber, and the Dodge Caravan revolutionized the mini-van market. If you don't like "dinosaurs" then seven years ago is also ancient history in the auto market. Don't bring up the Dodge 2.7 liter because it's over. You want to talk trucks? The Dodge Ram continues to be a leader in heavy duty trucks -- I don't see Toyota there. Five years ago maybe Honda and Toyota were better, but now they do not even appear in the top five most reliable cars from J.D. Powers.

No, I'm also not impressed by a Mazda with 242,000 on the original engine and transmission. As a long-time owner of American cars, I have always taken it for granted that engines and transmissions will last the life of the car, which for me has routinely been 250,000 miles. I guess you are equally impressed that my Chevy Cavalier, Mercury Sable, Dodge Ram, and Dodge van all went 250,000 miles on the original engine and transmission? Or do you think it's only amazing when it happens to a Mazda? Maybe you're right -- maybe it really is amazing that a Mazda could make it that far.

I would also rather take a used Buick than a new Camry or Accord.

15th Nov 2007, 13:23

You live your own dream, be realistic read the forums & reviews, that is the fact/reality that you are completed wrong. You cannot generalize based on you own experience. The reality is not at your side at all.

15th Nov 2007, 16:11

It's no dream that every one of the nearly 20 American cars I've ever owned passed 200,000 miles. Nothing that Consumer Reports, or anybody else, says can change that FACT. With a track record like that, it sounds a lot more like reality than a dream. Do you know about any real cars, or do you only read the magazines and memorize statistics? I just have to wonder what the basis of your argument is that "American cars suck" and "Japanese cars are so great" when I've got 20 cars on my side, and you only have some old statistics from back-issues of magazines. And yet you dismiss J.D. Powers reports of initial and 3-year quality that rank Buick #1, Cadillac #2, with Mercury and Lincoln #3 and #4. Where is Toyota and Honda? Nowhere, that's where. And yet you dismiss that Consumer Reports no longer recommends the Toyota Camry because of all the problems reported by its subscribers. Sounds like you're the one living in a dream of past Japanese quality.

9th Dec 2008, 22:04

I don't own a Buick Century, but I wanted to comment that this vehicle took the top award for vehicle dependability. Honda Accord was 6 on the list I believe. Camry was 3rd or 4th. Mercury Sable (Taurus) ranked ahead of Camry and Accord and just behind the Buick.

21st Dec 2008, 21:13

If the Sable was so reliable, how come there is NOTHING but complaints about these Fords on THIS website. Carsurvey.org???

OH, another thing, if Ford and GM are so good, HOW come they are under the threat of bankruptcy??? How come NO ONE wants those American cars?? These auto makers should KNOW why they are "failing". It's because no one wants a car that is low quality, and they are getting TIRED of being blamed for why their cars break at less than 100k (the lifespan of American cars). They need to learn how to make a quality car. Don't try to save money on lowering the quality of parts. Customers are FIRST!!