20th Jul 2006, 00:04

People bought Hondas and Toyotas because they were afraid to buy American cars. Honda and Toyota still build some of the best vehicles on the road. Why do you think that the Japanese can keep the same name for one vehicle for more than 25 years? The American cars that do that are either Sports cars or Trucks, and cars like the Malibu or Charger don't count, they were just reused names after being on hiatus.

Toyota is posed to take over as the worlds number one automaker and Honda is making money these days. Why not GM or Ford? HMMMMM. Hondas and Toyotas are Cheap, affordable cars? I think not! Just fresh, reliable, safe, and altogether SAFE vehicles are what they are, bub.

25th Jul 2006, 16:03

American or Domestic, It don't matter what your drive cause every vehicle that is built, will have some type of problem or recall. Tell me a vehicle that's 20 years old that's never had a problem? If cars did't have problems, automakers would stop making cars all togather. Also, automakers would not make money. Every single car in the world has a recall!

19th Nov 2006, 20:32

For crash tests, every car gets 5 stars, Japanese or American, but these tests are carried out under 40mph, or some even under 31mph, and for most serious accidents, they happen above 60mph or highway speed, then the Japanese car kills.

Go to iihs.org. You know the Honda Accord is 123% and the Toyota Camry is 110% more likely to cause injury. For Mazda, the injury is much higher, where the Buick LeSabre is only 55%, the Century is 85%, so they perform much better than Japanese cars. For those who drive Japanese cars, you need to think about protecting your life and your families' life, which is much more important than anything else.

I am driving America's cars, because they are safer.

30th Nov 2006, 21:27

Hey just thought I'd say something about that Toyota Camry in the above link, it appears to me that the driver of that car was going to fast following a truck, and has smashed into the rear end of it, which legally puts them in the wrong, In New Zealand at least that's the way it is. If you were to do the same thing in a similiar car that was American you would probably find that the same thing would happen, resulting in loss of life of the driver and serious injury to the passenger.

So this example does'nt really show that much truth to what your saying about Japanese cars being less safe, the fact is that in any car you would find that if you were to contest with a truck, you will end up coming worse off!!!

28th Feb 2007, 20:25

To the guy who keeps saying that the "Initial Quality survey by JD Power" means something for long-term durability, I suggest the purchase of a dictionary.

It means that they don't break in the first six months.

Drive a Toyota with 200,000 miles on it, and compare it to any GM, and you'll know why most people will pay more for a Japanese car.

It isn't Jaanese "dumping", the bloody cars are made in Canada!

Lets face it, US car makers are not competently managed, and they try to peddle an inferior product with silly murchandizing, rather than building a better car.

11th Mar 2007, 15:06

Look..all cars no matter what name brand they are,are the same thing.. if you don't take care of your car it WILL fall apart the same as an import or whichever.. that's the main fact I believe..is maintenance!... I know people with BMW's that break down and run like crap.. and I know people with American cars that have over 200K miles and run like new.. what's the difference?

MAINTENANCE!!.. one did all the upkeep on his car and the other didn't do a darn thing... I myself drive a 2004 Buick Century with 45k miles and it's pretty good.. got it used at 43K miles.. the guy who did my brakes said "these cars can last forever..200k, 300k miles.. no problem".. then he explained how important maintenance is on ANY car.. granted.. some cars may still run smoothly with less maintenance than others.. but in the end upkeep keeps the car lasting.

12th Mar 2007, 16:38

So your theory is that the reason American cars score low on JD Power surveys is because American car owners simply don't maintain their cars yet those who drive highly rated imports do?

Yeah, I believe that one...

Sorry, but my extended family has been extremely anal in maintenance of cars, yet EVERY American car they ever owned failed them repeatedly. That's why NONE of us will ever set foot in an American car showroom.

12th Mar 2007, 17:52

No, all cars aren't the same and OF COURSE the brand name matters. I guess if you maintain an '83 Cavalier and an '83 Mercedes, one's as good as the other? Don't be absurd. It's the same thing between a Buick and a Toyota or Honda; there's not as MUCH difference between as my Cavalier/Mercedes example, but the either of the imports I mentioned are WAY better cars than the Buick. That's all there is to it.

26th Sep 2007, 19:18

If americanized cars (including Buick Centurys) were THAT GOOD, then how come people aren't "buying them"? Most of the americanized car manufacturers are having a hard time selling them.

And WE ALL KNOW WHY, because WE (including me) DON'T want a car that is "Pic N Save" quality. We WORK hard for our money, WE expect a NEW car out of new car!

Just face it, Americanized cars are "pic n save" quality, that's all there is to it!!! It's ONLY very few americanized cars that are decent at best.

Just face it, americanized cars have (and PROVEN to be) the WORST reputation!!! JUST LOOK AT ALL THE COMPLAINTS on THIS site you are on now for American cars! (carsurvey.org) It's living proof! And for this matter, IT HAS BEEN PROVEN TO MYSELF TOO.

Speaking of proof. How come my 94 Ford Taurus transmission died at 113k miles and my 94 Ford Escort engine died at 133k, and had numerous other annoying problems as well?

Then HOW COME I NEVER EVER HAD any of these MAJOR problems on my 200000 mile old 1985 Mazda 626, NOR my 191,000 old 1994 Nissan Sentra, or my 242000 old 1995 Mazda Protege??? BUT of course I AM NOT going to say they were entirely problem free, BUT what I'm trying to say here, is I NEVER had to replace the engine OR transmission on my imports. On my Americans, EVERY one I had before needed engines or transmissions, ALL at the 100k mile mark! AND I drove and took good care of ALL my cars the SAME WAY!!! Can YOU tell me why???

THEN after you see all complaints of americanized cars, LOOK at the Hondas and other Japanese cars, VERY little complaints compared to the americanized models!

Just think about it, "NOBODY" wants American, because we all know how low quality they are. ALSO, why do you suppose why dealers offer HUGE incentives and rebates on cars such as Ford or Dodge or other americanized cars? Many offer 0% interest AND a massive rebate, WOW! It's OBVIOUSLY so they can get people to buy their 100,000 mile cars (the max time most of these last before major problems, and many last less time).

Try to get 0% on a Honda haha.