1st Mar 2009, 22:11

No amount of maintenance is going to fix a design flaw like the intake manifold gasket problem the GM 3.1 and 3.4L engines have. I'm surprised no one has mentioned this. The gasket on our Montana went at 50K and again at 80K (and that's Km BTW!) I own a Hyundai Elantra now and have never been happier.

6th Sep 2009, 21:22

I agree with the person who said you need to keep up on maitenence. My dad has a 2006 Camry and my Grandma has a 2005 Century. Neither has had any problems at all. I like them both but I like the ride of the Century better.

27th Oct 2009, 23:27

THIS GUY IS RIGHT! The other day I saw a 2007 Dodge Sebring, YES a 2007, in the wrecking yards! It caught fire. Man Chrysler needs to LEARN how to make a car.

SPEAKING of which. Dodge is killing about 10 models this year. And Caravan is 1 of them. (revolutionized the minivan market ehhh??) I hope Chrysler/Dodge KNOWs why they're dying.

28th Oct 2009, 16:24

I personally find it very hard to believe that Dodge is discontinuing the Caravan, and frankly don't consider your comment the last word on the subject. I do realize that they have lost a lot of market share to the Japanese due largely to transmission issues and other quality issues, but find it very hard to believe they are no longer going to make them. By the way Chrysler didn't revolutionize the minivan market, they created it in '84 with the Caravan/Town & Country/Voyager.

7th Jun 2012, 01:13

All cars will give you problems at some point. Otherwise mechanic shops would be out of business.

German cars are very safe when it comes to accidents. I drive an Audi.

My friend purchased a BMW from the dealer. She had a dispute, and took it back to the dealer because it was giving her many problems, and it was a new car. So sometimes it doesn't matter if it's a new car or not, regardless of the make and the year. It is possible that some cars could give problems, and others won't give mechanical problems as soon as others.

7th Jun 2012, 01:28

German cars are safe. If you research and speak with German specialists, they will tell you those cars are safe when crashing.

Hondas and Toyotas run forever, but research about Toyotas. 34 deaths were alleged about the gas pedal problem with Toyotas.

I drive a German car. They good, but they expensive to maintain. And like any other car at some point, eventually will need to be repaired. All cars need repairing eventually. There's no car in this world that you going to buy and won't need any type of repair in the future. As long as you maintain the car properly, a car can last for a long time.