17th Apr 2011, 21:31

Your shift selector going out is caused by the circuit panel for the dash cluster. I am currently looking at mine taken apart right now. I have the same problem with mine. There seems to be a common problem with the resisters in the panel getting too hot, and eventually the solder breaks and the resistor falls off. It's actually really easy to take the panel off. I took mine off tonight in about 10 minutes. Another 3-5 minutes to take the panel apart and see that I was missing one of the 4 resistors that make the odometer and the shift selector light up.

Your lights coming on for the brakes is caused more than likely from the way that the wires were ran for the wheel sensors. The smart people who designed this part of the car decided to run the wires for the ABS right next to the the suspension, to the point where hitting a pot hole may cause the suspension to cut the wires. I have a window out as well. I clamped a pair of vise grips on the metal under the window. It's worked for the last couple years that way. I want to fix the window though.

15th Sep 2011, 07:21

Just noticed this post, and although it's been a while, here's an answer that may solve this issue. Look for the wiring harness that's next to/adjacent to your A/C accumulator.

This harness gets frayed, and is linked to all the problems you listed. I replaced the wiring, and presto, ABS, check engine and trac all working properly, as well as no engine cut out.

21st Dec 2011, 01:43

How do you fix the ABS/track off/service vehicle soon problem?

23rd Mar 2015, 18:44

I will admit that you're right about Toyota & Honda not being very comfortable. But they will outlast most other vehicles. I've seen a 78 Toyota truck run, & run great until it was towed to the junkyard. The only reason it went to the junkyard is because it rusted so bad there wasn't much left of it; no floorboards, body, hardly any sheet metal left. But it still ran good, & I've seen Hondas get beat on, & just keep coming back for more. I've seen 'em go tens of thousands of miles on the same oil, without having to add more oil, wouldn't leak it or burn it. The only mechanical problems were that they lost HP, but any vehicle will do that under the same conditions. But Honda & Toyota are the only ones that will keep starting & going.