1st Jan 2009, 12:24

You make a good point. Good maintenance is imperative to keeping your car reliable. You have no idea how this car was maintained for the first 90,000 miles. I know a lot of people who have Century's and love them. I personally own my second Buick and plan to buy another. Just because a car is from Japan doesn't make it indestructible. Take your own advice and look at some of the late model Toyota and Honda reviews on here. Not all sunshine and lollipops.

27th Aug 2010, 00:34

What a sucker I am! Wow. I have a 2000 Buick Century, and I must say that my dash is lit-up like Christmas. The real pain in the backside is not only the poorly manufactured seat, or my power windows that never work, ABS Trac Off or low tire indicators I'm supposed to feel good about; no, not any of this; the real pain is the hard shifting and banging coming from the transmission that is so frustrating.

I purchased a Buick, because when I was a kid, my Gramps always had one, and they were always smooooooth!! Remember those days when you were proud to just glide through your neighborhood in a Buick? Well it saddens me to say it, but them days are gone forever, now I'm simply embarrassed of my car, and that's just not right! We spend thousands of dollars on flawed machinery, and they have the audacity to refuse the customer a well deserved recall!

My first mistake was in failing to arm myself with the appropriate information, mainly this web site! I will not make that mistake again. I will not be a GM customer ever again, to say the least, and will discourage all friends and family from ever allowing any of their hard earned dollars to go to a company who could care less about the consumer!!! GM doesn't back the product, gives ya the run around, and basically sticks it to ya in the end.

I don't know if well ever again see the type of American automobile industry we were once so proud of. We can only be "smarter" in our purchase, and make a better informed and educated decision the next time.

Like Gramps used to say; "fool me once, shame on you, but fool me twice, shame on me."

I can't speak for others, but can whole heartily assure you that my next automobile will not be anything manufactured by GM!!!

Good luck.


28th Aug 2010, 06:07

My mom bought her 95 new, and it's garage kept. She had the coachworks upgrade with the fancy stitched top and wire wheels; a nice looking car. She drives it daily and it's been great. She has 79000 miles on it. She had an alternator, brakes, and tires. The passenger window would slow or stop, and I fixed it. I like driving this somewhat old fashion car. It has good power. My mom likes the driving position and visibility. She had 2 Cutlass before this car, and they were good. And a Nova bought new.

19th Sep 2010, 12:08

My wife purchased a Buick Century 2000 Custom in 2004 from a GM dealer without consulting me. I was alarmed at first at her haste in making the 5 year payment purchase. I did a car fax report, about which she knew nothing, revealing there were at least four previous owners of the vehicle.

Shortly after the 60 days warranty was up, we discovered a transmission problem where the car would occasionally lurch sharply when changing gears. We let this problem "ride".

Now after six years, we have dealt with repairs such as the intake manifold leak, a replaced sway bar, malfunctioning mirrors, a replaced hood release cable, difficult parking brake repairs, which have also failed to last, two incidences of broken brake lines while driving, and now a possible fuel leakage problem with a persistent check engine light coming on.

In spite of a good attendance, using the best rust treatment available, this car is still a money drain. If someone could invent a strong metal/plastic that would withstand corrosion, most of the car problems we have would evaporate. BUT NO ONE WILL DO THIS this, and we all know why...