2000 Buick Century from North America


Well it seems like I am not the only one with a 2000 Buick Century that has a clunk going from first to second and second to third. Yup, it only seems to happen once in a while, like if I take off quickly or stop quickly. Then it is just a matter of pulling off the road for a few minutes and letting whatever it is "Do its thing". Because then it doesn't happen again for a while. Sometimes I can go 1,000 miles without any trouble.

If it is of any comfort to the rest of you, I have put 60,000 miles on the car since this started happening. I might add that is 60,000 miles after the AAMCO dealer told me I wouldn't make it the 30 miles home and I should get a new tranny right there for $3,000.

Anyway I am pushing 150,000 miles, so I guess it does not owe me anything if it should stop working tomorrow completely. I love the car and would buy another one.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2009

2000 Buick Century 3.1 liter from North America


I'd like to push it off a cliff (crushed and recycled would suffice) and get an import for my mom


The anti-lock brake light goes on and off, and the system seems to never work when needed.

Low tire light keeps coming on, although tires are okay.

Intake manifold gasket now has started leaking coolant on the thermostat side (around 110,000 miles).

Seal on passenger rear door came apart (recently).

Drivers seat needs to be replaced. The cushion has no cushion left in it.

Rear defrost doesn't work.

Key fob has been replaced twice; $50 each time.

Transmission has been shifting hard between gears.

Car likes to roll back on stops at the top of hills. After releasing the brake, it would roll all the way down if I let it. Transmission will be shot shortly.

General Comments:

This car has been nothing but trouble. I wasn't there when my mom and step-dad checked it out. I wish I were, and could have saved them a lot of trouble. I'm a do-it-yourself mechanic and when I first heard the car run, I knew it was going to be trouble; a little bit of hesitation from the engine and whining from a pulley bearing. Not a good start, and it went downhill from there.

Lots of room if you need it. My mom drives this thing, and she's just a little lady and needs pillows to sit on, since the seat is pretty much a sinkhole now.

Windshield wiper on passenger side likes to make noise when not in use. Wiper sits funny on the plastic support at the bottom of the windshield and likes to rock back and forth. It does its job, but it's annoying.

Lots of road noise leaks into the cabin, especially from windshield and doors. Car has a lot of squeaks and rattles.

Heat and air conditioning still work, so that's a plus. Thank goodness for that... knock on wood. I'd hate to drive this car; angry and uncomfortable at the same time.

Usually several warning lights are on at a time: anti-lock, low tire, low coolant.

I would NOT recommend buying a late model Buick or GM vehicle. My friend's 2005 Impala has been nothing but trouble. It has less than 60,000 miles on it and already has transmission problems. Make sure to read as many reviews as possible before any decision.

Nothing against GM, but I drive a 1995 Buick Century Custom 3100 that was previously owned by an older couple. I have put 100,000 miles on it since then and now have 200,000 miles on it, with no major problems. Regular maintenance can go a long way; it still looks good and clean and drives great. After all these bad experiences I've heard and dealt with lately of GM products, I feel that my next vehicle is going to be foreign.

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Review Date: 31st December, 2008

31st Dec 2008, 19:00

Lots of luck with that foreign car. Our Honda never MADE 100,000 miles, while our family just sold a Buick with over a quarter of a million miles and never a single repair. Our GM cars have been the most reliable over all of any vehicles we've ever owned. Our imports were the least reliable of all.