1st Apr 2004, 13:04

I owned a 200 Buick century and the only problems I ran into was some how the wiring harness in the trunk got cut by the trunk hinge. It was a simple fix. The car rides good and has more than enough pick up and go. True is is not a sport car and cannot be compare to one.

I have over 140k miles on it now and it starting to use one to two quarts of oil between oil change. Hey with the miles that or on it, no big deal. It still starts and runs smooth. Everything still works and no major problems so for.

21st Sep 2005, 11:46

I have a Buick Century 2000, 14,000 miles. One person drives this car. One day the glove compartment just fell out, it was rarely opened. Sept. this year car started sputtering, service engine light came on. Buick said possible celinoid in transmission, they turned off service light and it released something, they did a test drive and problem went away. They told me to drive it and see if the problem returns to bring it back. I called GM customer service and they made a record of my complaint. I am two months past warranty. I read in your other comments some one had the same problem and Buick thought it might be a sensor problem. Any comments???

10th Oct 2006, 15:36

What are you talking about with downshifting? This is no 5 speed sports car transmission you know. It's an automatic so you don't need to even think about what gear it's in. You really need to know what car is for YOU. Don't blame Buick.

10th Oct 2006, 21:47

I agree that manually down shifting is kind of wierd.

Still tho, it's people that just put it in "D" all the time, and never think about what the car is doing that wreak transmissions prematurely. Like if you are going up a hill and the transmission is cycling in and out of overdrive and you do nothing, THAT will wreak a transmission. Just because it's an "automatic" doesn't mean you're not supposed to manually override it sometimes. That's why it has other gears, like 3,2,1. His other complaints about the Buick are silly, uncomfortable interior?? Buick's ride like they are on clouds, and the interiors aren't that bad, maybe he just doesn't like it because it isn't a Camaro or something.

11th Apr 2015, 16:15

It's good to have a different perspective, that is why I appreciate this reviewer's review.