15th Jun 2003, 14:19

My Transmission went out at 38,000 miles then again at 42,000 miles. Fortunately I purchased an extended warranty. My water pump started leaking at 50,000. My left rear window motor has been replaced twice. The first time was at 38,000 miles. My driver side window motor was replaced at about 80,000 miles. At about 60,000 miles my Anti-Lock warning light started coming on every now & then.

21st May 2007, 10:59

I have a 98 Buick Century Custom. I have not had any of the things go wrong that you did. However the initial review did mention some very important things:

1. The thumping / vibrating noise when a rear window only is open is very real and very loud and annoying. What the hell? It's actually almost painful. It's easily resolved by opening a front window too.

2. The seats are very unsupportive.

3. The fuel warning light does go on very early. I've easily driven several days past when the warning light goes on. In fact, even when fuel gauge shows empty (right on the E line), I've still got about 2 gallons.

However, I disagree strongly about the reviewers opinion of the cramped interior. I'm 6'0", and am very heavy for my height, and this car is very comfortable and roomy, with the exception of the unsupportive drivers seat.

My only repairs so far is an AC compressor, passenger side window motor, and the turn signal control yoke needed replacing. Not a great repair record, but not too bad. Nothing that left me stranded on the road somewhere.

1st Aug 2009, 23:04

My 98 Century has 90,000 miles and has had none of the issues (other than rear window highway noise, which is common in many vehicles). Only problem was display screen on climate control going out. Cannot complain about the car in any other way. Inexpensive to own operate and maintain, and is also a pleasure to drive... Buick quality all the way.