25th Aug 2007, 13:54

I purchased my Century 2000 new and began experiencing transmission problems around 30K miles. Dealer replaced solinoid and problem returned after car was no longer under warranty. Car has about 160k miles and I just deal with the situation. Fuel pump went out last year and it seems it has gone out again. Car won't start and has been sitting in the driveway all summer. I do not want to spend another dime on it.

4th Sep 2007, 10:28

After reading all the complaints about this car, of which I have the transmission shifting, and blown head gasket problems :- (. This car has been nothing, but problems from day one! I'm at the point I could try and sell it, but I have a kind heart, so I will just donate it to an automotive school for them to learn about bad designs. And GM wonders why Americans don't want to buy GMs! GM has lost another customer!

4th Oct 2007, 16:53

Add my 2000 Buick Century to the list. It has 66000 miles on it. In stop and go driving or after a long incline, the transmission would experience hard shifting, and recently, a whine. It was fine after cooling down. Just got my car back from the dealer. Repair cost: $1,640. That's $91 for inspection/analysis, and the balance for parts and labor for replacing valve body, PC solenoid, trans flush, filter and gaskets and fluid. UGH!!

9th Oct 2007, 20:45

I too have a 2000 buick century that I bought with 30,000 miles on it about a year ago. I now have 35,000 miles on it. In the time that I have owned it it has had the intake manifold replaced twice. It has also had a head gasket replaced. Now the transmission started acting up with the problem that I see a lot of people are having. I took it to the dealership that I bought it from and got an appointment to get it repaired. If I had not bought an extended warranty for this car I would have never been able to afford to get it repaired. Before I bought this century I had a 91 lesabre that never gave me this many problems. It had 130,000 miles on it when I traded it in. What has happened to quality cars?

12th Oct 2007, 17:30

This is just an update on my very recent post about getting my 2000 Buick Century from the transmission shop recently. 2 weeks and the jerking when it changes gear and the whining sound is back. I guess the $1695 canadian I spent will just be the beginning. With all the problems we are all suffering from, how come GM has not offered any solution and has remained quiet? Maybe I should start sending these concerns via email to GM Canada. Maybe they will do something?

14th Oct 2007, 15:19

My wife and I are now disgruntled Buick owners as well. Our 2000 Century has a mere 46,000 miles on it and has had the transmission, engine, power window (drivers side), and now the air conditioner all have gone out.

The OFFICIAL word from our Buick Dealer was that we "did not drive the car enough". This is ABSURD!!! We contacted Buick Customer Service and (after a week) they called us back and sided with the dealer. We then tried to contact the CEO of General Motors, but were stopped by the executive offices and were again told that they sided with the dealer. Additionally, when we requested to speak to the CEO we were told that "we are not important enough" and he would not speak with us. The bottom line is that Buick and GM DO NOT CARE. As for us, anything, but GM from now on.

15th Oct 2007, 19:09

I do feel badly that you have had so many problems with your Century. But come on, did you really expect that Bob Lutz was going to speak with you? GM sells millions of vehicles each year and to expect him to directly hear the complaints of every person who has problems with their 7+ year old vehicle is just silly.

15th Oct 2007, 21:16

I agree with your comment. I do not want to talk to anybody just to discuss the transmission problem we all are having. I want to hear a solution to this problem and nothing else.

19th Oct 2007, 11:52

OK, After reading everyone's issue, I discovered that it matches my problem to the letter.

My 2000 Buick Century had 43,000 when the transmission starting shifting hard when the engine got warmed up. This repair was done with the warranty. Now my car has 96,000 and the problem started about a year ago at 87,000 again.

I am lucky that my daily drive to work does not warm up the engine enough to start shifting hard until my return trip home in the afternoon when it's warm outside. I enjoy the ride of the Century, but I'm positive that GM would never make it right for us, so I'm trading it in for a Honda or Toyota, but not sure which.

From my experience, no dealership or american manufacturer will ever stand by their product. I can spend $30,000 on a new car and they forget who you are after that. It's a shame that we cannot find an honest company that will stand by their product and help you when repair costs start adding up because of a design issue.

Let's not even mention how much you're going to spend fixing any check engine lights every year just to get it inspected. Almost like a conspiracy or something.

26th Oct 2007, 18:55

Same as others, problems with the transmission at about the 74,000 mile mark. Hard shifting between gears when hot (ie: an hour after driving), smooth as butter when cold (first thing in the morning, or after work). Dealer diagnosed as overdrive gear breaking, and recommended a transmission replacement. Others seem to have gotten luckier with their dealers/shops, repair bill started at $3,800 and just keeps on climbing. Apparently, intake manifold leaking coolant too, add another $1000. Still haven't gotten final bill or car back yet, but expect another $1000 in problems to materialize somewhere. This in addition to replacement of both front power window motors 6 months ago.

Bought Buick based on previous car, a 1991 Buick LeSabre, used for $4000 at 90,000 miles and didn't start racking up these kind of expenses until 140,000 miles. Disappointed that such an apparently common issue is not covered under a recall. Will probably avoid Buick in the future.

26th Oct 2007, 18:56

Well, I see I'm not alone with the Buick 2000 transmission problem. I bought my Buick in the summer of 2003 with 30k on it. At 50k I started experiencing a hard transmission shift with a whining sound.

Initially, I was very concerned, as I thought I was losing my transmission. However, like everyone else, shutting off the engine and letting it sit for a short time will temporarily fix the problem. I normally experience the problem when driving the car 40 minutes or so. It normally flares up when I'm in stop and go traffic. I notice it usually happens when climbing or descending hills.

Anyway, 90k miles latter, and I never had the problem fixed. Yes, it's annoying as all get out, but I'm dealing with it.

I'm going to run the car into the ground. I do love the ride, and comfort, but I'm leaning toward a foreign make next time around.

It sad, I really want to buy domestic, but what a hassle. GM seems to continually shoot themselves in the foot by not taking care of their customers. No repeat sale here.