1977 Buick Electra Limited 350 Gas from North America


The Last of the Real Buicks


The car was 9 years old when I got it and has low miles. But the car was parked outdoors on the Jersey shore and the paint suffered the entire car had to be re-painted. Amazingly the Vinyl roof was in perfect shape A year into my ownership the Transmission had to be replaced, But this due to a chunk of metal hitting the filter pan while moving at 60 Miles per hour.

General Comments:

This was the first of the "down-sized" GM "C" bodies. On the out side, that is. I noticed almost no loss of room on the interior. The Limited was above the standard Electra 225 and below the Park Avenue (Then an Electra sub-model.) It was the most luxurious car I have had. The styling was timeless and the performance was remarkable for a car this size. You should note that this chassis is a direct decendant of the 1973-1977 "A" cars so they had proven hardware from the word go. That can't be said for many first year models The Re- introduced Roadmaster (1992-1996) was on the frame, but lacked the nearly overwhelming luxury of the originals.

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Review Date: 15th September, 2002

28th Aug 2006, 20:09

Actually the frame isn't exactly the same as the a-bodied cars that preceded it. It's the same size and basic construction, but the parts are not the same. It is also considered a B-body, not a C.

14th Feb 2007, 15:47

Actually, the 1977 Electras were C Body cars. The LeSabres and Rivieras were the B Body cars.

I own a 1977 Electra Limited. Love it. Great car. Less than 100K on it. Has been in the family since my Mother got it new. They certainly don't make them like this any more!

1977 Buick Electra Limited 6.6L (Oldsmobile 403) from North America


The most reliable ANYTHING I've ever owned


Radiator went bad a few years ago.

Replaced 25 yr. old water pump.

General Comments:

Handles great for its size.

Engine puts out more than enough power.

Can easily smoke any four-banger.

It's super reliable (25 years and it still hasn't left me or my family stranded)

The only bad things about this car is the gas mileage (as low as 6 MPG in the city), and it has the original 8 track player in it, but the stock speakers are actually pretty good.

And finally, it's WAY better than our Maxima!

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Review Date: 30th August, 2002

1977 Buick Electra Limited 6.6L (403 cu. in.) Oldsmobile from North America


A powerful and smooth ride, good for cruising around


The spark plugs need replaced frequently.

Radiator leaked shortly after I got it. It did not need replaced, it was fixed using a stop-leak.

Water pump bypass hose blew at about 75000 miles.

Fuel pump went kaput at 69000 miles.

Windshield washer pump did not work when I bought it. I put a new one in right away.

General Comments:

This car is big, green and powerful. Most people look at it and think that it's a granny car, but I have dusted many of my friends in it.

I don't know how fast it actually can go; the speedometer only goes to 85mph, and I have pushed it well past that.

Once I get it repainted it will look almost brand new. The interior is in excellent condition, and the power windows, power locks, power seats, cruise control, and air conditioning work great.

Although it did not have an 8-track in it, it did only have the original AM/FM radio when I bought it. I replaced that with a CD player and put new speakers in the back.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2002