25th Jul 2006, 22:20

Great review. You tell 'em, man! I love the look of those mid 70's boats.

26th Jul 2006, 15:28

Yea, I totally support you for driving this old car and agree with all the reasons. Gas mileage savings are never going to pay for a new car, and these run pretty clean if you keep them tuned up and taken care of. No car payment, and thus the finance company doesn't make you buy the maximum insurance coverage for "their" car. Also agree on reliability--no computers breaking, no software crashing in the transmission, and no engine sludge problems that everybody seems to be talking about on new cars. Before I got my '85 Dodge truck, the newest car I ever owned (or still own) is a '73 Dodge, and I don't really see any good reason to get anything newer. This year I finally drove a car (2006 Impala) that rides more quietly and smoothly, but I doubt it would be more dependable, and it isn't so much more smooth to blow 25 grand on.

12th Sep 2006, 17:50

I'm about to purchase a 1976 Buick Limited. I got it for a reasonably low price. As a child, my parents used to own and drive a 1974 Buick Electra. That car was the smoothest machine I ever rode in! Such cars are so rare nowadays that I would usually look twice whenever I see one. I've always wanted to have that car ever since my parents got rid of it 25 years ago. Now I get the chance to own a piece of the last great American car.

2nd Jan 2008, 23:53

Hey Buick Owner,

I just inherited a 76' 455/210hp 2 door Buick Electra Limited Red with the custom leather landau top from my great grandpa who took excellent care of it. I took it because it was a sentimental gift It even has a name that he named it (Josie), Its even got a CB Radio. I am absolutely in love with the car now and am looking for ways to fix it up. After I take it in to get things running in top shape of course. It had been in a shed since he died, when I got in it, it started right up and I drove it back to topeka kansas with me 4 and a half hours away on one tank of gas with NO PROBLEMS. You have listed some typical problems with these styles of cars. I was hoping you could share a little more info on what I can expect these cars to be weak on. Also, that fin towards the back side of the car on mine between that bumper guard and my taillight is missing... Got any good references on where I could find it? I'm not used to the older vehicles, I've had a 98 chevy 1500. Any info would be appreciated.


28th Mar 2009, 23:18

1974 Buick Electra Limited Landau Coupe - Bought it on Ebay and drove it home to San Antonio from Long Island, NY. Almost made it all the way before a runaway alternator fried the ignition system! It is bright red with a white Landau roof and red velour interior. The odometer worked intermittently, but I figure it burned about 6 gallons an hour on the interstate! You can get replacements for the plastic and rubber parts for the rear fender extensions and the rear bumper fillers from a company in Georgia who reproduces them in fiberglass. Just enter what you want on EBay motors and their EBay online store will pop up with pictures of the items.

19th Feb 2016, 02:05

I just purchased a 1976 Buick Electra Limited 4-door sedan. White with red velour interior. 455 V8, automatic climate control, power seat, rear defog, power windows, Buick rally wheels and only 55,000 original miles.

I have wanted one of these massive 4700 pound cars since I was a kid. The 455 V8 starts and runs smoothly and flawlessly. There is absolutely nothing on the road these days that has such a presence on the road. The car is very close to 100%. I'm slowly getting it there.

They just don't make cars like this anymore. The emotional attachment is almost like that of the famous movie car Christine. Except that her name is Della.

19th Feb 2016, 11:53

One common thread is no matter how obscure a model, children often want the exact same car their family once had. Reminds them of good times. My mother had a brand new 60 MGA and drove me to elementary school daily. I felt like a rock star riding with my cool mom in her cool car. I still drive 2 seat convertibles today. Even though this is a different model, I suspect it's still the same feeling. Good luck.

17th Mar 2016, 02:25

The curb weight of these cars was actually over 5,000 lbs.

You are sure right about them not making them like this anymore. For the better part of 20 years now, cars have become more and more bland and ever smaller, to the point that our largest cars are barely larger than the compacts of the '70s. The rare spotting of a full-size pre down-sized American car really dwarfs all modern automobiles. Even the big cars from the 80s and even the larger ones from the 90s are starting to look downright huge.

It is really sad what has happened to the American automobile. Today's average consumer cares more about things like navigation and bluetooth than what the car looks like or how comfortably it rides. The modern generation probably knows less about their cars than any generation before, and views them more or less as an appliance. The automobile has lost all the romanticism and lure of the past.

17th Mar 2016, 14:06

Not entirely true; a large population of baby boomers know a lot about modern cars. And buy high end models. I have over 30 years behind me in this area. Typically I buy a car a year old. My GM has a 4LT package that I would not have bought new. But it's really nice having a high tech car. My sons are very savvy on YouTube videos and car clubs. I have seen them tackle projects after work during the week. And have it back together the same evening. Intakes, exhaust system changes etc. Going on eBay, buying new parts and then reselling old parts off the same to stretch a dollar. Granted some just know where to put gas in and buy a decal for the window. But there are a lot of younger people who are very tech savvy. Much of out of necessity financially. You have to learn vs pay shop fees.

20th Mar 2016, 10:19

My Olds choice would definitely be a 1970-72 4-4-2.

My Buick choice would be a 1970-72 GS 455 engine from that era.

The Olds is still escalating in value; more so than the Buick. A big difference unless you are just looking for a low cost driver car from 1976.

I would also consider a Pontiac CanAm. I am more of a collector I guess.