10th Aug 2015, 01:49

Paint peeling off the bumpers is clear indication the bumpers have been repainted, as plastic bumpers are hard to properly repaint. Along with the crack you noticed, I get the idea the car was damaged during delivery.

13th Aug 2015, 22:41

I highly doubt that. The cracked trim piece was on the interior and the paint did not peel; it just would get stone size chips and scratch down to the plastic very easily. It was also extremely hard to clean, since tar and bugs seemed to stick to it like glue, and you could not scrub it as well since there was no clear coat on the finish. I have a 2015 model now and I am SO happy that Buick decided to paint the trim with the body color and clear coat finish it. Makes all the difference in the world.

14th Aug 2015, 12:43

Actually I had this issue with bumpers. Had to add a 3M flex agent additive to the paint for flexing with these kind of bumpers. Otherwise the paint does not adhere. Bumpers flex during car movement and can crack the new paint if not done properly. If this was damaged from an accident, not from a factory, it's possible someone uninformed just did shot paint only.

18th Aug 2015, 22:59

I don't know how I can say this more clearly! The paint on my vehicle did NOT peel or crack. It was just a cheap finish used on the plastic trim pieces and bumpers that chipped and scratched very easily, probably because it did not have a smooth clear coat finish on it. It was more of a satin or matte finish as opposed to a gloss finish you get with a clear coat. This type of paint was used on the trim pieces and bumpers on Enclaves across the board from 2008-2012. You don't notice it as bad on darker colors because the plastic underneath is black. On the light silver/grey that was used on my vehicle, it showed like a sore thumb.

21st Aug 2015, 20:16

And again you cannot just spray. You have to use a bonding flex agent before paint. Or it will simply not stick. Try it if you think it's otherwise and get back to us.

22nd Feb 2017, 04:48

Luxury SUV? More like a semi-premium minivan stand-in.

22nd Feb 2017, 18:31

Please explain your opinion on how the Enclave looks like a minivan.

22nd Feb 2017, 22:17

Why do I need to?

Slab sides, short hood, tall profile, wagon-esque rear end. The only major difference is that the Enclave has conventional doors.

23rd Feb 2017, 12:05

And it's called a Crossover. Our Audi Q5 is not a minivan.

23rd Feb 2017, 14:59

Well, I guess this would also apply to the GMC Acadia, Saturn Outlook and Chevy Traverse, seeing how they are all built on the GM Lambada platform?

23rd Feb 2017, 16:45

And the conventional doors are what makes it totally look like the SUV/crossover that it is.

23rd Feb 2017, 21:13

You're wrong about the looks, and that SUV and crossover are not interchangeable terms.

23rd Feb 2017, 21:18

If your contention is that sliding doors make all the difference between a SUV and a minivan, it only supports my position that the Enclave looks like a minivan with conventional doors.

24th Feb 2017, 03:47

Are you the same individual who posted a comment last week on another thread saying that a Chevette looks like a Corsica?

24th Feb 2017, 20:01

OK, whatever you say. Maybe Buick should have marketed this vehicle as a minivan instead of a crossover and called it a Terraza.

24th Feb 2017, 21:25

No, that wasn't me. There is quite a difference between a Corsica and Chevette in overall proportions; much more so than an Enclave and a Pacifica / Sienna / Sedona. The overall sizes, drivetrain configurations, and period-influenced styling cues create two distinct vehicles in the case of the cars you mentioned. Not so with the big family schleppers.

25th Feb 2017, 16:03

What's wrong with just calling it a Crossover? And why is a minivan not simply acknowledged as such. If you don't like the design, buy a Ferrari and have fun in a sports car.

25th Feb 2017, 23:17

There are definite similarities between a large crossover and a mini-van. However a vehicle like the Enclave has a much better profile and the styling is a lot nicer than what you find in a mini-van IMO. I am the original poster of this review and I currently have a 2015 Enclave, and I can tell you I wouldn't be caught dead in a vehicle like a Honda Odyssey or Dodge Caravan. Just saying.