1986 Buick Grand National Intercooled turbo from North America


The last muscle machine Buick put out


Electrical antenna got stuck.

Passenger seat showing a little wear.

General Comments:

I have had my Grand National for about 2 years now and since I've owned it have put about 30 miles on it. It is garage kept and rarely gets to see sunlight. More of an investment for me and also a love for the Buick Regal platform. I've owned about 18 Buick Regals/GN soo far and will continue to buy/sell them. This summer I might pull this car out to show the youngsters what a real powerhouse car should be like.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2008

22nd Apr 2008, 15:41

Heres another view. I had a 1969 SS Camaro driver up to 77,000 miles it was no show car... but then had an extensive ground up restoration performed. I took it off the road as well afterward (well very limited driving actually). Mileage is irrevelant. They can get too nice to drive or risk exposing to damage. Parked in the garage or to a show. I actually have another 2 year old fuel guzzler in the garage put only 10 miles on it last month!