29th Apr 2008, 23:05

Even the less expensive GM cars have a very smooth and solid feel. The Buick line is one of the best of GM's cars.

I've ridden in my co-workers Lexus. It was 3 weeks old, had a bad rattle in the dash and the "check engine" light on already, and had the "cheap plastic" that everyone gripes about all over the interior. I was very surprised.

The LaCrosse I test drove last year (before buying a Ford) was a far nicer and better built car.

22nd Nov 2008, 01:20

We had a couple of Nissan's and a Toyota and we are impressed by the GM products. People don't know what they are missing. My teenage kids wrecked my 2007 Impala last week so I am shopping for Buick. We found a new 2008 Buick Lucerne V6 CXL with leather for $25,600 that puts the imports to shame at that price.

24th Nov 2008, 20:21

Imports are pricing themselves out of the market. When I purchased my 2007 Mustang I test drove a Nissan Altima coupe. I find the styling of the Altima coupes very sporty. However, I was quoted a price on a bare-bones basic Altima coupe with 5-speed manual that was $3000 HIGHER than what I paid for a totally loaded Mustang Pony edition with leather, satellite radio, automatic and upgraded alloy wheels with 55-series tires.

As for the LaCross, I drove a couple also before buying my Mustang. I was VERY impressed. When my 8-year-old GM compact second car is ready to trade (in about another 200,000 miles) I will look at a good used LaCross. My family recently sold a Buick LeSabre with over 270,000 miles and it had had virtually ZERO problems.

13th Jan 2009, 01:35

I had to retire my old Roadmaster with 230k. Yes definitely the 2008 CXL is far superior to the Corollas, Lexus, etc. Definitely try to snatch up the 3.8L engine as 2009 is the last year of 'em.

14th Jan 2009, 16:39

I totally agree about the Buick being superior to anything made by a Japanese company. I love these cars and wanted to try to steer my wife into a LaCross when she bought her most recent vehicle. The car was great, with a smooth ride and very solid feel. Unfortunately my wife was not at all impressed with the styling and opted for a Ford Fusion.

20th Aug 2009, 19:45

I agree about the comfort and quality. But come on... the car is ugly as hell (at least 2006/2007). It's a shame for such quality and comfort in such an ugly/old design.

21st Aug 2009, 17:02

I wouldn't say the '05-07's are ugly, just a little dull ala Ford Taurus. The new grille in '08 really helped dress it up in my opinion. I still think they are much better looking than any Camry or Accord from any generation.

13th Apr 2010, 15:26

I'm very aware of the reliable nature of Buicks and GM vehicles in general. I'm that 1 person in 1000 that is having nothing but problems with my 08 Lacrosse. This car is nothing but problematic, has stranded me at least twice and generally an enormous waste of money. I just can't wait until my lawyer gets this mess behind me. I've owed nothing but GM vehicles for the past 20 years and loved them, so I won't judge on 1 lemon.

15th Apr 2010, 23:19

I always feel very fortunate when I read comments such as 15:26. I know people have problems with all cars, but in 4 decades of driving we have never had a single mechanical problem with any domestic vehicle before 100,000 miles. We have never once been left stranded or even had one fail to start. That includes a Buick LeSabre that was driven over a quarter of a million miles with virtually nothing beyond routine maintenance.

15th Nov 2010, 02:20

It's true that people don't know what they are missing out on with these cars.

An absolute pleasure to drive, just as comfortable for a short trip as a long trip.

Seniors tend to prefer these cars for the comfort and smooth ride.

Some younger people like myself also enjoy these cars, as lots of us learned to drive in our mom's Buick, and got to appreciate the smooth ride and comfort of these cars.