1983 Buick LeSabre Custom 5.0L 307 V8 4bbl from North America


Not much, just general maintenance.

General Comments:

Pretty reliable for a sixteen year old dog. It's all original, 98K miles. A big ugly mutha that barely fits in the garage, but it's got character! The 307 is about as stoic and reliable as they get, but 140 horses ain't enough to push around 3800 pounds of old-fashioned Detroit iron. It sucks gas like a sieve and it's hard to park, though, so I wouldn't recommend it. Plus, for being 18 feet long, it has no room anywhere inside.

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Review Date: 19th May, 1999

16th Dec 2000, 19:46

I would like to know more about the LeSabre V8 engine.

21st Jul 2007, 21:17

The 307 V8 is a 2nd rate engine in my opinion, but very durable. It shares the same block with the Oldsmobile 350 small-block, same stroke (3.385") but smaller pistons (3.8" on the 307 vs. 4.057 on the 350) I think the 4-bbl 307 was a little less powerful than the 4-bbl Chevy 305, but much more durable and reliable. To set the record straight, the Chevy 305 and Olds 307 were totally different motors, but both were 5.0 Liter V8's.

The 307 powered many GM vehicles from 1980 to 1990, most were computer controlled, but some 1980-1981 models came without an ECU, especially in Canada. The engine was carberated and low compression to the bitter end, In 1990 the Buick Estate Wagon and Cadillac Broughm were the last U.S. Gasoline cars to use a carburetor. Horsepower was usually between 140 and 150 at 3200 to 3800 RPM, and torque between 240 and 255 LB/FT at 1600 to 2000 RPm's. The car was capable of redlining much higher though, especially if you have a TH200-R4 transmission that is old or slips.

I owned a 1984 Buick Le Sabre with this engine. I bought it in the fall of 1997 with 189,000 hoping it would get me through my senior years of college. Seven years and 85,000 miles later, I sold it for $500. It still ran like a top, and didn't leak or burn oil. The body of the car was in rough shape though.

Ripping off the smog equipment is usually counter-productive, this engine was designed to run with it. In short, you won't win many drag races, but as long as you take reasonably good car of the engine it will last a long time.