1993 Buick LeSabre Limited 3.8 from North America


A good car for anyone needing comfort and reliability


After reading all the reviews on this car, I haven't seen any with the trouble I have had with both my Lesabre or Park Avenue. I had the intake manifold gasket start leaking coolant at 170km on the Lesabre and at 105km on the Park Avenue. Both cost several hundred dollars to repair. This is a GM fault and they won't repair it if the car is off warranty. I have also replaced the water pump and master brake cylinder on the Lesabre. I will soon be replacing the power steering hose at 182km because of a leak.

In spite of these problems, I find the Buick an excellent car and I would buy another one when one of my present ones needs replacing.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2008

10th Jan 2008, 17:13

The intake manifold bolts on the Buick 3.8 need checking after several years, and re-torquing them may be required. This is a very simple task anyone can perform. Otherwise the gasket can leak. I come from a family of mechanics and we have found GM vehicles to be incredibly reliable. My nephew is still driving his late father's 1977 LeSabre with over a quarter of a million miles on it and absolutely no major repairs of any kind. Another nephew still has my late father's 53 year old (1955) Pontiac. It had an engine rebuild (rings and inserts) in the 60's at 150,000 miles, but the old 4-speed hydramatic transmission has never been touched. It also now has over a quarter of a million miles on it and is now used only for parades or special occasions.

1993 Buick LeSabre Custom 3.8L Tuned Port Injection V6 from North America


When better cars are built, Buick will build them


The previous owner replaced the water pump, tires, battery, radiator, and fixed the a/c before I bought the car. I had to repair a spot of rot (very common of the full size GM cars) in the trunk with fiberglass.

General Comments:

Driving a Le Sabre is like driving a freight train, its big, fast, and reliable. The soft Dyna Ride suspension makes it feel like your floating on a cloud yet keeps the car controlled in the twist and turns. The 3.8 liter V6 is fast and quiet, with pick up being much stronger then one might expect from a car this big. The automatic transmission has auto overdrive and is resonsive and smooth even under hard conditions. I bought this car to replace my 1992 Pontiac Bonneville, and both cars share the same engine and basic platform as well as the Oldsmobile 88.

The Seats are great, I have power drivers seat and its as comfortable as can be. All controls are clear and the heat and a/c work quickly. The car can seat 5 people comfortable, though 6 is tight. The trunk will hold a small condo.

The paint has held up well although it has some light scratches and there is a small crack in the plastic front passenger fender, which is common with these cars. The stereo sounds good, I have the am/Fm/cassette and power antenna. After driving this car I can say my next car will be a Buick.

1993 saw standard ABS and it's a slight improvement over my Bonneville which didn't have ABS.

The center armrest holds cassettes, glasses, and much more and is very useful.

This car is the worlds premier highway cruiser.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2006

14th Jan 2007, 17:01

I own a Buick Park Avenue (1993) and it has served me extremely well. It has 119,000 miles and I have had no major problems. I have owned nothing, but Buick's in my lifetime (I am 72 and going strong) and I have never, ever been tempted to buy a foreign car. As far as I am concerned, BUICK is the car to beat, but beat it--you cannot!!!

5th Aug 2007, 02:20

How strange! August 18th will be my 1st year anniversary since I bought MY '93 Buick Le Sabre! It's been wonderful, its my first car and I love it to death.