18th Oct 2007, 10:34

Another young buick fan.I'm 19 and own a 95 buick park avenue. I love my car and would buy another buick in a second. But the older buicks have better build quality except for the intake manifold problem. But maybe in the future when I get a real job I'll buy a newer model buick or by an older one and fix it up.

19th Oct 2007, 20:09

Thanks guys for commenting. Glad to see I'm not the only one who's been deliberately driving Buicks since the age of 20!

I really do love this LeSabre, and its positive qualities far outweigh its shortcomings. I'm just surprised to have to replace certain parts now, when my old car was well over 150k before I had the same issues. Oh well, at least we have taste, right?

7th May 2012, 10:28

Original reviewer here, still have the car in 2012. The car now has 130,6xx miles on it, and I have had the following additional problems.

Half the interior lights (dashboard, window switches etc.) are out.

Both valve cover gaskets are weeping oil. Since the valve covers are located directly above the exhaust manifolds, this creates smoke for the first thirty minutes the car is running. Even after the smoke subsides, using the car's ventilation system means you get a smell of burning oil. This could be a fire hazard. I have not repaired it yet, but I'm not really driving the car right now.

Power steering pump is whining; will need to be replaced soon.

None of the electrics work on the front passenger door (window, lock, mirror).

Paint is fading off of the trunk lid and right rear quarter panel. I have regularly washed and waxed this LeSabre since I got it in early 2004. Pinstripes also fading, about half is no longer visible.

Replaced all 4 shocks in December of 2011. The car still will not hold a F/E alignment and pulls to the right. Has been back for service three times; this could be an issue with the shop rather than the car however.

Top of dashboard is separating right where it meets the windshield defroster.

Other interior plastics are failing - cup holders snapped without warning, driver's seat belt buckle fell apart (the plastic that is, the buckle still works).

I'd deal with all the above, except for the biggest issue - the check engine light is, literally, ALWAYS on. And nine times out of ten, it's a PO420 code - catalytic converter. I'm on my 4th so far in 8 years, and the light is on again.

I bought a Grand Marquis. The Buick is sitting in the driveway.

Won't buy another Buick, considering A. this one is built like garbage, and B. they don't even make large cars anymore.

8th May 2012, 12:27

No, Buick doesn't make big cars any more, but then again, no one else does either.

10th Nov 2012, 10:45

Original poster here. The Buick LeSabre is dead at 132k miles, with even more problems than the post I made above. As well as the brakes suddenly losing all their fluid, without warning, in the driveway overnight.

I maintained this car religiously and followed service intervals outlined in the owner's manual, and it's dead. My 89 Park Ave went to 236k and was in better condition than this car the day I got rid of it. After spending probably $10,000 in maintenance since 2004, I'm selling the LeSabre for parts the day after tomorrow.

Never again.