26th Jun 2010, 12:55

Nice review, the 1982 model has smaller side marker lamps and they're down to the side. Also the grille is taller and has pieces that go under the headlights.

The 1982 models had separated quad headlamps with 2 separate bezels on each side. And since you have an '84 front clip, you have the one piece headlight bezels.

Your grille is wider and does not go under the headlights. And your side marker lamps have 2 bulbs each and go next to the headlights.

That '82 style front clip looks good and was used from 1980 to 1983. And your '84 style was used from 1984 to 1985, which was the last year for this car in this body style unless it were a station wagon.

You could probably find another '82 style header panel at any salvage yard. Just remember it does not have to be an '82 ,it can be a 1980 to 1983 if you want that style again. But be sure to disconnect all wiring running to the headlamps and side markers before removing your current header panel. Also you will need to take the bolts off of the hood latch and fenders as well.

Well good luck with everything, and I do like your review. But may I ask why you said you just got your license and just got the car, but you said you have a previous car as an Oldsmobile Cutlass? Anyways, good review and glad to hear you're keeping it original.

27th Jun 2010, 13:42

I'm the original poster, and I put Oldsmobile Cutlass as my previous vehicle because my dad gave me his 1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham when I was 15 to learn how to drive. I gave him it back though, because he wanted it back, and I liked this Buick. And I did go to google and compare them and I see the differences. I think both of them look good, but I want this one original, so I might head to some junk yards tomorrow and see if I can find an '82 front clip.

Thanks everybody, oh and does it matter if the front clip is off of a 2 door or 4 door? Thanks.

27th Jun 2010, 16:50

Details for 1982-83 and 1984 at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LeSabre#Fifth_generation_.281977.E2.80.931985.29

There is a difference in grilles and taillights, but I don't think anyone will notice.

28th Jun 2010, 13:07

"Thanks everybody, oh and does it matter if the front clip is off of a 2 door or 4 door? Thanks.'

Congrats on a great car. Ours went 277,000 miles without a single repair. The 4-door and 2-door use exactly the same front clip, as everything from the windshield forward is the same on both cars. Lots of luck.