24th Sep 2015, 20:23

Great, let's open up a brand new commentary on the precise interior dimensions of a Volt. And compare Prius styling vs a new Jag or Audi A8. And then let's precisely measure our brand new domestic and import high end luxury cars and high end crossovers. Then compare ride AWD quality. If we are going to get into high end electric cars, let's discuss the new Porsche concept. But even that may not satisfy my high ride quality standards.

Personally if I had a Volt, my comments would be on similar size or related commentary on a Honda or Toyota commuter economizer, lowest possible costs A to B review. It's just not the right fit in a large car review. For some reason it's some negativity agenda dropped in here. For what purpose we are not sure. It's such an unrelated comparison, other than gadgets; not room ride comfort and large family car oriented

25th Sep 2015, 00:16

Please share some examples. Simply making a blatant statement does not make it fact when you have no proof to back it up.

25th Sep 2015, 02:45

Find me one compact that has the same or more space than a '93 DeVille per se. I really don't think there is "nuttin" out there that does. Experience counts here, like I said I owned a '93 DeVille and drove a so-called fullsize XTS. What does middle America have to do with anything? I grew up in the south east and love my "floaty" riding car.

25th Sep 2015, 08:13

After reading comment 16:00, one would think we are on a big truck rig review. The comparisons and grammar especially. There are highly successful and educated individuals in the full size luxury segment. How about a Bentley or large Mercedes? These are yet more examples, only brought up as import or domestic examples. To those that can afford and enjoy them, it's great. I wish everyone well that can work hard and achieve success. No matter what state or region of the country you live in. Personally it's great to have made really intelligent choices. I paid my house off in my 40s. We own a family business. No matter what we drive, we worked for it. Our grammar may be a bit different than yours, but we can pick up on the hint of sarcasm. It is not going to change what we drive vs what you drive. Everyone on here is buying and choosing their own forms of transportation. If you like your smaller electric and sometimes gas car, great. I would like to see another luxury larger entry such as the Fisker attempt. But I am not ready to switch. There are other considerations, and a full size gas luxury vehicle size is a better fit. Lighten up on the stressed comments please. Enjoy what you own, not what others spend on new cars that are entirely different than your own in 2015.

25th Sep 2015, 18:52

OK, I'm calling an end to this thread. A couple of people have spent a considerable amount of time talking past each other on the rather off topic subject of modern vs older cars, and it's gradually gone downhill as the discussion has gone on, with little agreement on anything. I'd appreciate it if the parties involved would attempt to be a little more tolerant and respectful of opposing points of view, so I don't have to block any other threads or users.

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