3rd Mar 2005, 17:05

Well, I read about the plenum problem, and it hit me at 75,000 miles without any warning whatsoever. Then a week later, the starter went out. I only tried once to restart after the plenum incident, and evidently that caused the starter to go out.

Other than that, I love this car! I drive it back and forth to work every day, take it on vacations, and it drives like a dream. I love the smooth ride, responsive handling, and all the amenities. I will probably buy another LeSabre in a couple more years.

13th May 2006, 20:57

Have 1997 Buick Le Sabre Custom that I have religiously changed oil and fluids at recommended dates.

At 90,000 miles I noticed temp gauge starting to rise, but could not "see" a leak, and then after having a mechanic check it, found that coolant was leaking under intake manifold. Fortunately it was not going into the oil, and I caught it before it ruined engine.

After reading all these posts, it's no wonder General Motor's share price is sinking. I'll never buy another GM, especially after they have known for years that this same problem would never be fixed, but continue to make same design year after year without fixing the problem. I own 2 Buick Le Sabre's and will sell both of them before I run out of money trying to keep them running.

22nd Jun 2007, 09:03

I have a 93 Regal. Great car, durable, fuel efficient on the highway. Good winter car - I live in Winnipeg where winters are no laughing matter.

At 14 years, and 156,000 miles, it started erratic idling behavior - often idling at 3000 rpm at stop lights, etc. It also occasionally shifted erratically - staying in lower gears too long or not up-shifting at all. Service Engine Soon light comes on. Then, after a while, symptoms retreat for a while.

Cause: intake manifold deterioration has allowed coolant to bleed into throttle body, corroding throttle position sensor. Cost: $700 to replace manifold and sensor.

What a dumb idea to manufacture a key engine component out of plastic! I was lucky the leakage was up and out rather than down and into the cylinders.

Sometimes you gotta wonder about GM engineers. I can imagine one coming home at night: "Honey - you wouldn't believe what we did today... I got this great idea from your Tupperware collection... ".

And she says, "Remember the time I left the Tupperware butter container on the stove and turned on the element and it melted?"

And he thinks, "Darn - never thought of that! Oh well, I work for GM, so I guess it'll work out somehow."

3rd Jul 2007, 15:20

I am extremely close to purchasing a 98 le sabre with 53,000 miles. All of these comments are really making me rethink purchasing this car. I would really like to purchase this car, but I don't want to deal with these problems.

9th Jul 2007, 16:36

I had the same problem as others with my 1998 LaSabre, repaired my engine and in march 07 replaced the engine. Now A/C doesn't seem work properly. Cannot get mid-level vents to work regardless of the setting. Has anyone had similar problems with the A/C system?

10th Jul 2007, 09:57

Check your actuators, one of them may be broke and not letting the passage way for the mid level vents to open. You can tell if their broke because they will move freely, but they're not supposed to. Also check and see if the rods from the vents are attached to the actuator. This happened with my 95 park avenue. The heat didn't work and I think that's why it got traded in around september because whoever owned it didn't want to experience another cold winter. It took me 4 months and a trip to the junkyard to figure out. In my case I assume someone did this deliberately because the rod to the vent was tied down with a plastic tie.

12th Jul 2007, 22:29

Yesterday had the same problem with my 98 Le Sabre. Bought it two years ago with only 70k on it. Driving to an appointment and it stuttered, then stopped. I had hoped it was the alternator, but they've found the rad empty, coolant in the cylinders, and tomorrow they pull the heads off. I'm hoping the engine is not shot cause I love this car! Has anyone had any recourse from GM on this? Thanks.

2nd Aug 2007, 21:25

Well, add another '98 Buick Le-sabre to the list... 104,000 miles is what I bought it at. At 106,00 miles had a problem on my way to work. Thought was smelling my Pads burning as My ABS light was on. Pulled over got a ride to work. Three day wait to get it to the shop, then... I couldn't get the engine to turn over.

I have just been told that I am looking at a $1500 repair to replace the head gasket.

Should I go with it, get an engine rebuild, or get rid of my ox?

The shop has it now and I'm not sure which way I should have them go with it.

Any word back from GM? Post if you got the same issue and file a claim... This is a Defect and many people DO have the same problem. I would like to think that GM can correct a mistake.

This is too bad as I LOVE the car.

10th Aug 2007, 17:59

I own a 1998 Buick also and have not had any of these problems YET. Has anyone been successful in finding a recall for replacement of the gasket or found an after market metal gasket.

13th Aug 2007, 16:35

I've had my Buick LeSabre for 3 years and never had any problems, and the man I bought it from had a brand new engine installed 1 year and half before that. Then today I stopped at a stop sign; the temperature gauge went all the way up then died. We need some kind of compensation from Buick. It is a continuing problem and it needs to be fixed.

11th Sep 2007, 10:15

Same problem as all the rest last summer on my 98 Le sabre. Had to replace engine $3500. Now vehicle occasionally stalls while driving? Has anyone else had this trouble or found a fix for stalling? I hate to take it to a garage to have them start guessing & make "shotgun" repairs on my dollar.

14th Sep 2007, 22:03

1998 Buick Le Sabre 3.8 95,000 miles

Three days ago I noticed the coolant level about about an inch low in the reservoir so I topped it off. Never had any problems otherwise. I use 89octane gas, and all fluids changed on time. Today on the highway the check engine light started blinking. I pulled over at rest stop about two miles after. Reservoir was empty, radiator was cold and empty and engine itself was slightly (I'm hoped) overheated. Instantly assumed it was a blown head gasket. Added coolant to radiator until full and went to start it long enough to limp into a parking spot. Engine was hydro-locked. Thought definitely a head gasket. Got it towed home and pulled spark plugs. Numbers 1 and 3 cylinders completely full of coolant. I got myself mentally prepped for a complete head gasket job. Came home checked online and found out about this problem. I am really hoping I don't need to take the heads off, and I'm praying I didn't cook them during the ordeal if they weren't already toast to begin with. Can someone please recommend a good supplier of an effective repair part for this problem? I don't want to spend the cash on another plastic intake with the same faults. I've seen the metal repair kits and they look pretty nice, but I don't know who to buy it from. Any help would be great. Thanks! vwzach182@yahoo.com.