1998 Buick LeSabre 3.8 gas from North America


It's a very nice car in all other ways


Intake manifold oil leak.

Alternator got noise.

Rear brakes wheel cylinders aking @ 10,000

Rocker panel right side rusting paint off.

Water pump leaking antifreeze.

Two fuel pressure regulators so far.

All was covered under warranty, except rocker panel and brake rotter.

I forgot to mention machined surface rusted off in two years. I have cars that are 30 years old; GM cars, this hasn't happened to them.

General Comments:

It's a nice car, but the quality isn't as good as I would have expected from a nice car as the LeSabre.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2004

1998 Buick LeSabre Limited 3.8 V6 from North America


A very nice car, but a mistake was made using a plastic intake


This seems to be a good car, but this 1998 model, and maybe other years for some reason, has a lower soft aluminum intake and a upper plastic one. The plastic one where the water goes through tends to bow up and lets the water into the motor oil, and then blows a head gasket which cost between 1200 to 2000 dollars to repair.

Could someone explain to me why anyone would put a plastic intake on a motor knowing that the water temperature reaches over 200 degrees and that heat will warp plastic?

The car is also not very aerodynamic and has a lot of wind noise.

This car is high priced new, but drops in value very fast.

General Comments:

The 1998 Buick has fair power at take off, but tends to lose power at high speeds.

It does handle good, brakes well and gets excellent gas mileage.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2004

13th May 2004, 19:29

I just had same problem with my '99 LeSabre and bought it new. @ 52,000 miles, bad intake manifold gasket, coolant leaking into oil. Because have good mechanic, caught before engine blew. Mechanic pointed out the PLASTIC plenum & showed me the "hole" that had developed so coolant spilled out. Still cost me $600+ and $200+ for a rental car because gasket had to be removed & replaced. My mechanic called GM because mechanic felt it was a manufacturer's defect; but, of course, GM said not so. I'm a neophyte. I've never been in a chat room & have never done this sort of thing (and have no mechanical knowledge). But what can we do to press GM to admit this is a defect & issue a recall? My mechanic told me to be sure to keep my receipts in case there is a recall (so dig yours up for safekeeping).

1998 Buick LeSabre 6 cylinder from North America


A piece of Detroit junk!


I have had several problems with this car, the most serious thing that has gone wrong with this car is the failure of the intake plenum. This plastic part was obviously defective. It developed an internal leak in a water passage near where the throttle body bolts on. The car had lass than 47000 miles on it. The leak let water into the engine. The engine never got hot, it just simply would not start because of water in the cylinders.

The water pump failed about the same time.

The problems with these plenums is well known and documented, but the local GM dealer refused to do anything about. They said it was because I got the car repaired at a non-Buick dealer.

General Comments:

Whatever you do, do not buy a car with the plastic intake plenum.

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Review Date: 1st November, 2003

31st Jan 2005, 21:44

If you use the plastic plenum as an excuse not to buy a car you than you shouldn't buy a car with rubber timing belts. That puts most cars out of the picture. Especially all the Japanese cars, not including Mitsubishi. All cars have their faults and they have a fix for this.

1998 Buick LeSabre Custom 3.8V6 from North America


For the money, one cannot beat a LeSabre


Had to replace the battery at 27,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car has been the best that we have ever owned.

Although one reads of the LeSabre being an antique in design, I find it very well engineered in today's world. We change designs all too often just to possess something different and full of flaws.

The best road car ever, very responsive with very a strong feeling of being safe.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2003

17th Aug 2003, 09:09

I have a Buick LeSabre Custom also. I agree with your comments on what a fine car it is. I did find, the hard way, that there may be a hidden killer to the engine with this vehicle. The head gasket broke with no warning and leaked the anti-freeze into the cylinders and ruined the engine. There was 118,000 miles on the car and typically these engines can go at least double this amount of mileage with no problems. There are two others with the same car this has happened to. I replaced the engine as it was too nice a car to junk and resale value with no engine was very low. I simply want to let people know there might be a hidden defect. The car never overheated and the gages never read hot. It simply quit.