1998 Buick LeSabre Limited 3.8 6 cylinder from North America


Very good; should have been improved, not dropped. The LaCrosse is not a replacement.


Front shimmy at 60mph+ caused by the dealer putting on cheap Tiger Paw tires to sell it used. Road Force test finally discovered that I was riding on four "eggs", far enough out of round to cause vibration, but not far enough out to show up on the usual balancing machinery. Changed to good Michelins and the problem was cured.

Small rust spots appearing on left rocker panel. Three body shops have said that is common on old LeSabres; the unit is supposed to be sealed, but some aren't, and salt water seeps in.

General Comments:

Except for the rusting, this car has been a gem. Regular maintenance, changing belts, semi-annual waxing have kept it in top shape.

I have had no major or even minor repairs needed, and with the exception of new struts now at 102,000 miles, none seem to be in the cards for the near future. The engine just keeps on going, and fuel consumption is outstanding on the highway.

The ride is excellent on flat, but... the infamous mushy ride of this and the Park Avenue can be very annoying -- dipping and bobbing on slightly wavy roads that other cars take fine.

With a better suspension, this would be an outstanding almost-full-sized sedan. That one flaw knocks it down to very good, in my opinion.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2007

19th Sep 2008, 03:22

You're right; the LaCrosse isn't a replacement for the LeSabre. The Lucerne replaced both the LeSabre and Park Avenue. The LaCrosse replaced the Century and Regal. Glad to see that you enjoy your Buick, but be prepared for that rust you mentioned to develop into big ugly holes. They all do it sooner or later where salt is used on the road. It's a common issue on 1992-1999 LeSabres and also shows up on 1991-1996 Park Avenues. I've seen so many that way now that I'm actually surprised when I see one that isn't rusted through.

1998 Buick LeSabre Custom 3.8 from North America


Never again


The plastic manifold went around 60,000 and again at 111,000 miles. Both front struts were replaced, and then later both rear stuts were replaced after one was making a horrible squeaking noise over every road sensation. The alternator was replaced at 23,000 miles, and the starter at 57,000. I also remember at 22,000 miles the Twilight Sentinel automatic lights would not function and that had to be repaired by the dealer as well. Both bearings on the rear wheels have been replaced as well.

Pretty much the entire top-half of the engine has been replaced, and this car is only driven locally and given excellent treatment with routine maintenance. I believe we have spent almost 75% of what we paid for the car in repairs. Car also has a recurring stalling problem when pulling away from lights.

General Comments:

The ride is comfortable, but choppy over uneven surfaces. Very roomy, and the car is actually very agile in city traffic and probably the easiest full-size car I have ever parallel parked with.

However, I would never buy another Buick LeSabre again. This car has had way too many defects for a car of its stature and previous outstanding reliability history. This car was mainly used as a vehicle to get to the train station every morning, a distance of 12 miles round trip local driving, with the occasional highway trip, again in the area.

I am just amazed at the amount of service needed to keep this car running.

The dealer was not helpful and in fact is known for trying to rip-off customers. Servicemen were not helpful and the car was kept at this dealer, the only Buick one in the area, for unnecessarily long periods of time for minor problems without any loaner cars available.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2007