12th Feb 2006, 12:26

It is an excellent car for long trips. Very comfortable, quiet and relaxing drive. We cannot drive with windows open as it becomes very loud in the car, but the temperature control is excellent so why drive with open windows.

Since 2002 I started to put $$$ for repairs including: computer, brake cylinder, and lots of small repairs.

Today at 200000 km (125000 miles) the transmission failed. I do not know the extent of damage, but could be an adjustment requirement.

4th Mar 2006, 17:05

Hmmmm...37 mpg seems a bit on the ambitious side. I drive my 95 LeSabre like a little old lady (which I am NOT btw) and 30-ish seems about the best that you can get out of these on the highway using stock parts. You might be able to eek an additional 2-3 mpg out of it using a hotter than stock ignition system, high performance plugs and a K&N filter, but 37 seems a bit high. I couldn't even get that much out of my 3300 powered Century.

25th Jul 2006, 19:20

I just bought a 95 LeSabre Limited. 40,000 miles.

To be honest, I thought I would never buy a Buick. I am a young 47, and I just feel like "old" people drive this car. But, I bought the car because it was in such pristine condition. The car looks brand new... and I mean brand new.

And yes, an old lady drove it. She was 70 years old... my complaint is the car rides too soft and the climate control shoots cold air on the floor and windshield only. Taking it to the shop tomorrow.. oh no... I may put new shocks on it. I paid 4000.00 for the car. I felt it was a great deal...

25th Nov 2006, 01:23

I bought a used 95` Buick LeSabre and ran into a bunch of trouble when I had ABC wharehouse put in a new radio. Now my heating system and air don`t work. I took it back 3 times and they said they didn`t do anything wrong when they installed it, but everything worked beautiful before they put the new radio in. So I`m out around 500 dollars!!!

2nd Jun 2007, 02:42

I bought a 1995 lesabre around 7 months ago and it had 65,000 on it! It has the 3800 v6 in it runs smooth! I think the car rides abit to soft, I can be going down the road and hit a small dip and up and down we go!! Recently it started lunging going down the highway, when I turn my air on, now its lunging all the time, going up hills especially, the check engine light has not came on yet, but Its probably not far away!! Anyone had this problem??? Thanks, Rob in LaFollette, TN-37766.

8th Jun 2007, 06:58

Using the imperial gallon I get 37 MPG at 100 km/hr

I get 35 MPG at 110 km/hr on my 1995 LeSabre when it is about 9 to 13 degrees C with no A/C. 160 cdn oz per gallon versus 128 us oz per gallon. On my vacation drive to Florida with 100% A/C at 70 miles per hour, 25 to 35 C, I get an easy 35 MPG plus per imperial gallon. The City is 16.7 MPG per imperial gallon all year from -15 to 25 C for 15 minute drives. The rust killed my gas lines and brake lines in Nova Scotia. 170,000 km.

10th Jun 2007, 19:16

Got a 1995 LeSabre from an old lady who kept it garaged.

Within 1 week, the transmission began to shake - (it's always the worst isn't it?) of course it was the torque converter. 85,000mi and the tranny needed rebuilt. $1800

My mechanic said these cars are prone to transmission problems. Too bad they don't use a good grill-mounted transmission cooler like the Ford Cown Victorias do, they're good enough for the abuse cops and taxi drivers deliver. I am going to install a good tranny cooler in mine.

And use some Amsoil transmission fluid to match the Amsoil I run in the engine.

~hoping to avoid another big $$ repair!!

11th Jun 2007, 09:16

Generally speaking the transmission in these cars is one of the least prone to problems out there. That said, transmissions are almost always the weak point of any car.

27th Jun 2007, 14:31

In reply to Rob from TN -

I recently had this problem as well. It turns out the upper plenum of the intake manifold is made entirely of plastic. Coolant runs through it (which gets hot!) and eventually can melt part of the plenum and the gasket causing coolant to leak into the inatke manifold. If this gets too severe it can cause the engine to seize up from "hydro-lock". I ended up replacing the upper plenum, EGR valve and the gasket. My Buick is good as new and it was a LOT cheaper than taking it to a shop. You might look into this if you find that its not something else causing your problem.. Ken-Co Industries makes a repair kit for this problem. Just thought I'd chime in..


San Diego.

8th Jul 2007, 03:00

I just purchased this car for US $850 today; has 98k miles and is in well-kept condition with a documented impeccable service record.

I haven't had much experience with a Buick before, but I must say that I am pleased with what I have seen just over a few hours of driving. Although the car is huge on the inside (and greatly-adjustable power seats allow for much greater comfort), it doesn't have that "boat on wheels" feel that you get from some of the older Crown Victorias, Lincoln Town Cars and other similar luxury vehicles.

My first impression with the car was that it seemed to scream elegance. Although this may just be a Buick thing, it definitely separates this car from the cookie-cutter budget-mobiles like the Cavaliers and Tauruses (I have one of each sitting dead in my driveway). From stock cupholders that expand width- and depth-wise to hold a drink of almost any size, to a sunvisor that has two separate panels plus an extending side plate that gives you three dimensions of protection from glare, the 95 Buick Lesabre brings it all to the table and more.

I have a few things I would have changed, although much of these speak to the fact that the car *is* twelve years old. The speedometer and fuel gauge seem dated even for a 1995, and would have looked much nicer (and more legible) had they used the more modern circular gauges. A stock CD player would have been nice (although as this was 1995, not something that Buick can be criticized for).

In all, I feel that I can't provide a full review until I am able to fully accustom myself to the car, but everything I have seen so far has exceeded my expectations, and I expect even more to come.

23rd Jul 2007, 22:53

I bought this car with 60k miles on it 4 years ago. It now has over 145K. No Engine or Transmission problems. AC went out ~100k and that was the most costly repair at 900$.

Replaced front struts, 1 starter, 1 battery, some hoses, radiator @ 135k and the usual tires and 1 set of brake pads and rotors.

Gets 22 mpg in mixed driving, but just highway driving it is around 26-28 which is fantastic for such a big slug.

I'm hard on cars and never expected it to live this long.