31st May 2005, 01:52

I LOVE THIS CAR, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, but I still think Buick should have turbo charge this 80`s hot rod (looks). T-type, it alway sound good if it only stands for turbo, but the t-type option was a touring suspension. which can be modified to out perform the Buick touring package. the only weak area I can say this car fall short on, is the rust. I truly think the Manufactur pay no attention to any long term rust prevention (12 months: - (). Buick did an excellent job with structure. this car has a very good crash test rating. with it been a front driver (FWD) it handle wonderful in the bad weather. very roomy for a two door car. My friend who is 6ft 6in tall drives this car :-). If you ownen this car, I see it truly been a collectible if kept in "MINT" condition. this car was a special limited edition with a family of T-Type`s.

But all said, I must say, every time I think about this car? it re mine me for not else, but good times...

3rd Feb 2006, 11:33

I am extremely envious of anybody who owns this car. This was actually the very first car I ever owned. The T-type had 114,000 when I bought it back in 96' and was near perfect. Unfortunately, I rolled it 3 months after the purchse (IDIOT!). Typical teenage speedfreak with no driving sense. Anyways, I loved the car for the short time I owned it and would recommend to anybody who has one in working order to take care of it. The Lasabre is a great car and I just wish I could find another one.

15th Jan 2007, 14:52

I have a 1989 Buick La-sabre T-Type, high miles, but runs good and still fairly solid.$700 if anyone is interested, write to me at aeroflynn2@hotmail.com

(the car is in Connecticut)