24th Aug 2005, 21:37

Actually the RWD models were built until July 1985 I believe. Then the rest were FWD and were 1985's as well not 1986 quite yet. I have an '85 RWD and met a guy who had the '85 FWD model. Same color paint and red pin striping. I guess the tooling was already there from the Delta 88'?

3rd Nov 2005, 21:18

You are correct and not all '85's are Collectors Editions.

15th Jan 2006, 06:20

I have a 1985 Buick Le-sabre Collectors Edition. It is an awesome car and has not given us one bit of trouble since we have had it. It has been repainted and the roof repaired a number of years ago. Mechanically we had never had a problem. It now needs to be completely taken to the metal and restored. Unfortunately, someone stole the Collector's Edition emblem. I am going to try to get a new one. Several people have asked if I am going to sell the car. As a matter of fact, I saw a Buick Le-sabre in the Auto Trader with very low mileage i.e. 6000 miles or km not sure, looked totally awesome, valued at $45k.

7th Jun 2007, 23:28

19 FEB 2005 22:46 To answer your question, no not all '85 Le Sabres were Collectors editions. The Collectors edition was supposed to be the last Rear wheel drive made by Buick. They continued with the Big Estate Wagon until 1990 (Carberated 307 till the bitter end) and brought back the Roadmaster in 1991, so it was really a lot of hype for nothing.

22nd Jul 2007, 23:28

I just my second 1985 Buick Lesabre. My first was a collectors edition 1985. The only reason I decided to let it go was because of all the rust that was on it. But these cars are really a dream boat. We call it a land yacht cause its so big. Can you believe someone I know said that my buick was a death trap. I was like I don't think so buddy.Thanks

Michelle New Hampshire.

5th Sep 2008, 19:12

Personally I never cared for the two door models after they were down-sized at the end of 1976. The four doors seem much more proportionate.

24th Oct 2008, 06:28

Yeah, I've still got my LeSabre with well over 300,000 miles on the original 307, never been rebuilt. You can check it out on youtube; just type in J45007 in the youtube search bar. Send me a message in youtube and let me know you saw this message. Thanks, -BOGAR!