7th Dec 2005, 20:53

I own a 1998 buick lesabre (3.8 engine) at 60,000 miles the plastic intake manifold and gasket failed, resulting in the engine locking up. After inspecting I also found the nose of the starter broke off. Ater installing new after market intake and gaskets and draining water and antifreeze from engine and replacing starter the car is back on the road and pleased with it's performance.. hopefully my 2001 lesabre will not have this problem.

13th Jul 2006, 09:28

For some reason in all the reports I've read, the 1999 model doesn't have this problem. Any reason why this might be the case? Slightly different gasket?

Regardless, I'm keeping my eyes peeled on the coolant reservoir level. So far, so good.

25th Jul 2006, 17:51

My 98 Le Sabre had it's meltdown 800 miles from home while on our way to a funeral. We left the car at a shop in a little town in Florida and rented a car to go on to Georgia to the funeral. $761. later plus $175 for rental car we were on our way home. Got about 300 miles down the road and the serpentine belt pulley froze (belt OK they said). Fixed that (another shop and hotel bill) got home only to have to replace belt and one other gadget I can't remember. It is now back in the shop for a problem with the security system not reading the chip in the keys. It thinks I am trying to steal it so it shuts the car down for 3 min. If you are lucky, it only goes through one cycle. Saturday it took 15-3 min cycles. I can't wait to get this bill. I am told this should have been a recall item because there is no back up or no way to disconnect it. I have been told it is about a $300+ fix. I will never have another Buick as long as I live.

31st Dec 2010, 14:29

I have a 98 Custom. My security system locked me as well... you wait 5 minutes and you are OK. The last time it locked me for good.. turns out the wiring in the ignition broke.. I need new wires and keys and switch.. about 650 dollars..

Anyone else had that problem... it has about 120,000 miles on it.

Runs great apart from this...

30th Mar 2011, 21:53

Man, I hope I ain't gone jinx myself, but I have not had all these problems and I have had my car for six years.

People need to understand that you have to keep your car up like you do your body. Check all fluids frequently. Yeah I just changed my upper intake gasket and a 02 sensor but, hello, it's a 1998 and it's man made, so it will mess up at some time.

So maybe it's not Buick with the problem, maybe it's careless drivers! Loving my Buick and plan on passing it to my son and he is only 8.