26th Jul 2008, 13:39

I have a 2002 Le Sabre with 71,000 miles. Three of the windows have failed - one under warranty (28 K) and two within the last 13 months (58 K and 71 K). The last two occurred during trips and involved the rarely used rear windows. The dealer offered to split the $600.00 charge/window, but not w/o much complaint. They charge for a diagnosis, $53.00. They claim that they see only a few such failures per year. I contacted the Customer Assistance Center recently as directed in the Users Manual to resolve this manufacturing or design issue, but they merely referred me back to the dealer (based on my experience, they offer neither assistance nor satisfaction to the customer).

I have no confidence that the repaired power windows will perform long-term in my present car and am concerned that the fourth will go soon. The cost of consistently repairing the windows could approach that of rebuilding the transmission, not to mention the aggravation and uncertainty of failures. I am debating either trading it in for something else or getting rid of it. I will not purchase a Buick or GM car based on this continuing problem and lack of customer service. I have owned five GM cars in the last 20 years, however this was my first with power windows.

19th Nov 2008, 16:42

I have owned several GM products (4 in total including a LeSabre). With two of the GM products I have encountered chronic electrical problems, repetitive or difficult to diagnose. My current GM has no operational power windows, which doesn't sound bad until you have to drive it after it has been sitting in the sun on a hot summers day! (or pick up a coffee at a drive through in the winter :) )

My work vehicle is foreign built and I have passed 280,000 kilometers without any electrical or air conditioning glitches of any kind. Of course the suspension and body are suffering, but mechanically it's sound.

No wonder the North American auto market is suffering! If the quality was comparable I would certainly drive North American.

I am shopping for a replacement car for my 'foreign built' and love this site for its' used car reviews. I cannot however, find a reliable NA car and it looks like once again I will buy an import.

Can it really be that hard to source reliable electrical components when manufacturing a car? I mean really... think about it and hire some competent engineers!