1978 Buick Park Avenue 403 V8 from North America


This car is now for show, and I'm hoping to never part with this timeless classic


Power door lock on the passenger side had to be repaired.

Had to replace bulbs in the dash.

General Comments:

This car drives like a perfect airplane ride, glides down the road with ease.

Love the crush velour seats; like sitting on a Lazy Boy sofa!!!

My first new car was also a four door blue 1978 Buick Park Avenue, which I purchased at the age of twenty for $10,500.00 out the door... Being young, I sold the car a year later to purchase a 1980 Olds, only to regret it.

Over the years I've searched for that perfect 1978 Park Avenue, which I found in June of 2007 (White two door, brown and buckskin interior) in MINT CONDITION.

The car is loaded with factory options..power moonroof, AM/FM digital 8 track player, dual power seats, tilt and telescopic steering wheel, power locks, windows, and trunk release. Paid $5000.00 for this my dream car; worth every penny and then some.

The ride is so smooth and the cabin so quiet, that I placed the name "Flight 225" on the rear of the trunk lid.... Flight meaning the car rides like being on the finest jet plane, 225 meaning back in time these cars were called a "Deuce And A Quarter" or Electra 225... Yes...

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Review Date: 8th August, 2007

9th Aug 2007, 17:20

Originally Buick used the 225 designation because the car's overall length was 225 inches (I don't remember which year, 1959?). They kept the title for many years after even though most of the cars were not actually that length. I believe your car is about 221 inches. The largest Electra 225's actually spanned 233.8 inches from 1974 - 1976. Oh, the good old days. I had never thought of the deuce-and-a-quarter idea, but that works too!

1978 Buick Park Avenue Sedan 6.6 liter (403) V8 from North America


Why buy a new car when you can buy a better one for $1000?


Replaced Windshield and seals.

Completely replaced front and rear brakes.

Replaced head gaskets and valve cover gaskets.

Replaced Water pump, Radiator, Wiper motor.

Retrofitted A/C to R134 fluid and replaced Compressor.

General Comments:

This is my first and will always be my favorite ride. I purchased it after slaving all summer over the grill at Mc Donald's back in 1995, and it was money well spent. It had been neglected for a while and needed some minor work, but if if you take care of these cars they will never let you down. I can attest to this nearly 9 years and 96,000 miles later. The paint was beginning to fade when I bought it, probably from sun damage, but there was virtually no rust on it. I managed to scrounge up some money two years ago and repaint it, the closest thing I could find to the original dark, dark blue color. The thick vinyl top was in surprisingly good shape, a little armor all and it was good as new. It's great to have a car that can actually seat the six adults it claims to, and in timeless comfort and style. The seats sink down just like lazy-boy rockers. This car is loaded to the gills with almost every option, even for a Buick, and everything still works. A modern car this nice would probably set you back about $40,000.

The engine and transmission deserve a standing ovation by themselves. This car never has failed to start, be it -40 or 100+ degrees. If the US built cars this reliable today, imports wouldn't stand a chance. And more than enough power. It does drink gas pretty fast, but it makes up for it with power and reliability. One of my secrets is using only premium fluids under the hood, Mobil 1 to be exact.

An old man approached me at the gas pump a few weeks ago, and said this looks just like the one he bought new back in '78. Well it turns out it was the same car. He could tell it had been repainted, but was amazed and the mileage and condition of it.

"Wouldn't you really rather have a Buick?"

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Review Date: 1st June, 2004

24th Jul 2006, 18:09

Yes, I was actually looking at buying a 78 Buick Park Avenue. I understand that it will be bad on gas. I was just wondering if you could give me a rough estimate on what kind of gas mileage it gets? Maybe like how much it cost you to fill it up, and how many miles you get to the tank? If could write back in a comment, that would be great.

Thanks Dave.