1978 Buick Park Avenue 4 door Sedan 403 V8 (6.6 Liter) from North America


In the past 18 years:

At least 5 sets of tires.



Dimmer switch.

Water pump.

Power steering pump.

6 batteries.

4 or 5 exhausts.

Wiper motor.

Driver's seat in 1990.

Brake pads and shoes.

A/C has been recharged at least 3 times.

Normal services.... all I can think of off hand.

General Comments:

I can't believe the old bag ran this long, and I don't think she'll quit anytime soon. For the past 18 years I've driven her back and forth to work from my home in Rochester MN to work in Albert Lea, MN. I have another beater I drive when the roads are sloppy in the winter, this has kept the car nearly rust-free!!! The car has never left me stranded, The only time is my fault one Halloween Eve when I tried to take it home during an ice storm.

The 403 V8 Sucks gas like a dump truck, but it makes up for it with performance. The engine burns about a quart of oil every 4,000 miles.

This was the second year of the "Downsized Buicks", which look like a Monster next to a modern Park Ave. It may not have heated seats, GPS, CD player with Bose surround, or other modern fancy gadgets, but it has something many modern cars don't --------RELIABILITY!!--- My wife has a 1993 Honda Accord, and she's spent more in the past three years on repairs than I have the past 18 with the Buick. My wife wants me to buy something smaller, newer, and more "economical", but I can't bear to part with it!!!! I'll drive this old POS into the ground, or maybe vice-versa.

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Review Date: 24th July, 2000

31st Aug 2004, 07:16

I have owned two 78 Buick's. The first was a Limited, ran it up to about 180,000 before it was totaled in a collision with a full-size pick-up. I loved that car. So I bought another, this one a Park Avenue, which will probably always be my favorite car. This one made it to around 220,000 miles. At this time the engine needed major work, body was well-rusted, and it got parted out. For a VERY comfortable, reliable vehicle, cheap and easy to work on, these old Buick's can't be beat. Even with body rust, people often approached me asking how much I'd sell it for. 'Not for sale' was the proper reply. :)