13th Jul 2005, 21:20

I just bought another earlier 1980s Buick; this one is an '84 blue Park Ave. My only complaint is a consistent one: the Buick division in those years built truly crummy seats!

They are so CHEAP: thin, sponge-rubber over a thin "tin" shell, with too much support in the shoulder area and not near enough in the lumbar region. This is the ONE important area in which big Ford products are superior; maybe Chrysler, too.

The seats in this '84 Park Ave allow me to sink exceedingly low because of grossly non-supportive seat foam. No wonder GM is currently struggling, closing their best factory (Flint) and making too many trucks.

Maybe I'll have to go back to Town Cars.

14th Jul 2006, 00:23

If your seats stink, go to a junkyard and get "new" ones -- like nice comfy buggers out of a Old 98 Regency Brougham. (If the '88 New Yorker seats fit, go for those too.) You have MANY options.

As far as why GM is going down the toilet:


3rd Jul 2007, 22:21

I had a '81 Century, which I got with only 28,000 miles on it. I know it was only 28,000 as well, because it was my grandmother's car, and she hardly ever drove at all. Since it was brand new, it had a faulty choke and would stall until it got warm. People told her it was the electrical system and they either could not service it, or that it would cost a fortune to fix. As soon as I got it, I had figured out the problem was the choke was stuck, which would obviously be the source of the problem. I had the carburetor rebuilt and never had a problem again.

26th Mar 2010, 05:37

About the seats comment - I have owned many Oldsmobiles (Dela 88s) and many Mercury Grand Marquis, and while I think the Olds are somewhat better cars over all, I have to admit the seats in the Mercury Grand Marquis are a lot better than in my Delta 88s. I think overall Fords have better interiors/bodies/paint, and GMs have better engines and much better transmissions.

26th Nov 2014, 20:57

I'd agree with this last posting... if Buick had installed small Chevy V-8s instead of those "slug" Oldsmobile ones. I had four Olds 307s in early-to-mid 1980s Buicks; they either lasted forever (which reminds me of how slow they could be) or self-destructed.

At least the Chevy 305s can get out of their own way!

27th Nov 2014, 17:19

At least the 307 doesn't wear out the cam lobes. The 305 is not that much more of a powerhouse, with horse power ranging from 5-10 more than the 307.

I would take the 307 and replace it with a rocket 350 or 403. Nice, easy and direct swaps.

In my opinion, before GM had their head up their ass, Olds and Pontiac built the better engines.