3rd Nov 2004, 10:30

I can't tell you how disappointed I am with my wife's 97 Park Ave. With less than 60,000 miles on it, the car is beginning to fall apart. If a part is made of plastic it has either failed, or is about to fail. The interior of the car looks like it has gone through a war, with trim parts cracked and falling off everywhere you look. Not at all the quality build one would expect from a "Flagship"

31st May 2005, 04:40

I owned a 1992 Park Avenue and never had a problem with it. I wish my 1997 was half as good. Door lock switch on door panel broke door panel $400. Drivers window switch broke $125. Transmission shifted poorly from 60K until 78K when it failed completely. Brake rotors on front warped $300. Would not purchase this year again.

11th Mar 2008, 18:26

You were way overcharged for your window switch. Mine broke the day I bought the car and the dealer fixed it for about $60. Even the price they quoted if they had to replace that entire panel was far less than $400.

10th May 2009, 13:26

I have a 1997 Buick Park Ave. This car is a nightmare.

At 60,000 miles, the dealership told our family that all the seals in the engine were failing and they all had to be replaced? We paid them to do this.

The gas gage quit working at 60,000 miles also, and the dealership (same one) said it was under any warranty, but they could fix it. $1500.00 later when we picked it up at the dealership, the ash tray had been broken and was full of cigarette butt (our family does not smoke) the dealership said that it came in to their place like that. When we tried to argue with them to fix the problem, they said if we did not leave the property, they would call the police and have us arrested and keep the car, even through they had been paid for the work. My mother and I (she was 80 and I was 55) found ourselves surrounded by a lot of men who worked at the dealership and trying to mentally intimate us. We were scared so we got into the car and got away as fast as possible. We contacted GM about the dealership and they said that it was not their problem. GM does not care about the customer or the dealership conduct. They just want your money.