25th Apr 2004, 12:04

In answer to the person with the problem of the car stopping when it gets "hot": one possibility is vapor lock which I've observed in some older cars. The answer was to place some insulation around the gas lines where they were in close proximity to the engine, particularly the exhaust manifold. If the problem occurs when the car is stopped, which means the transmission shift lever may have been taken out of Drive for a moment or so, it might be what I think is called the "neutral lock-out switch" mechanism. Hope this helps.

19th Jul 2009, 18:13

How's the steering/handling on the PA? I've heard lots of reviews from the leading consumer mags about the powersteering feeling over boosted, the steering wheel not centering well after coming out of a turn, etc. Lack of connectivity with the road?

Your opinions?

14th Oct 2015, 05:21

I know this question is over 6 years old, but here's an answer for future readers: The steering is definitely over-boosted, but think of the demographic this car was marketed to... senior citizens & old grannies. These weak aging people care nothing about the steering "feeling connected to the road". They just want to drive a car that requires the least amount of effort.

With that said, if you were alive/driving in the 70s & 80s, that's how almost all cars drove. When I was 9, my dad had a 73 Ford LTD with a 460 ci big block (felt big enough to land planes on it). Even at 9 years old, I could easily spin the steering wheel to lock out with one finger! Talk about over boosted steering! While the 94 Park Ave isn't nearly that bad, it's still much easier to steer than most modern cars. Just learn & adapt your driving style to the handling characteristics of your vehicle. Simple as that. I still love driving those old boats!

15th Oct 2015, 22:38

Yeah, what progress. Next thing they probably will do away with power steering altogether and all cars will ride about as smoothly as a donkey cart. I would give anything to be able to go back in time. Almost everything was better in the past, and cars are definitely no exception.

13th Aug 2022, 14:01

It is probably a temperature sensor issue.