22nd Dec 2006, 18:09

Just purchased a 2004 Buick Rainer with 30K, v8, moon roof, CD, nav system, fully loaded. Had never heard of the Rainer until we saw it on the lot with other SUV's. We were looking at Acura's and Ford Explorer's. After driving the the thing, our choice was made. What a pleasant surprize this thing has been! It's a beautiful car! The inside is great, has every bell and whistle you could want, even XM radio, adjustable pedals, memory everything, and heated seats, back and bottom. This it the most quiet car I've ever ridden in, it's silent. With the V8 it has power to spare. Towed a car (Toyota Camry) up to my son at college, didn't know the thing was behind us. Overall mpg is about 19, not bad. But the thing we really like is the car looks so good, people keep asking "what's that" they can't believe it's a Buick. No it doesn't handle like a sports car, but we don't race for a living. Honestly feel this is one of the best SUV's around, if you want style, quiet, power, room, smoothness, toys to play with, and fun; this is a nice SUV.

11th Jan 2007, 13:45

We've recently bought a 2006 Buick Rainier SUV after being on a hunt for a trailblazer or envoy. You get so much more for your money with the Rainier... For one you getleather interior as opposed to the others you have to upgrade to leather; the front passenger seat is fully power which is a definite plus for the wife or husband; chrome details everywhere; good stereo sound; smooth ride; really quiet with the extra insulated doors and frame; good mileage on the highway, and overall a beautiful looking suv. Will recommend it to others.

20th Feb 2008, 18:44

I brought a used 2006 Buick Rainer in December 2008 and until recently I thought it was a great car. Last week I started having trouble when trying to turn. The car didn't want to move. The service department said the transfer casing needs to be replaced. I have been waiting for two weeks to get my Rainer back. Has anyone had this problem.

21st Feb 2008, 17:40

Dec. 2008, are you a fortune teller?