2012 Buick Regal Base 2.4L from North America


Luxurious for the price


It's a new car, nothing has gone wrong... it better not!

General Comments:

I recently leased the 2012 Buck Regal Base, and for just a "base," it has a ton of toys in it.

It has a beautiful color combo of a gold exterior, along with cream colored leather and chocolate colored dash board, with calming blue lights inside. You can tell Buick put some extra detail into the interior. I have always been a huge fan of Buick to begin with. I'll break my review up into points:

RIDE: Very smooth, but firm enough when needed. The Regal combines a nice ride with European engineering and suspension. Extremely quiet at just about any speed. It handles extremely well.

COMFORT: The seats are somewhat firm, but quite supportive. I'm not going to say that they're really comfortable, because I owned a Mercury GM before this (anyone who has one knows how comfortable those front seats are), so I was spoiled.

PERFORMANCE: The 2.4 has good power to move it along, I find that the 6-speed tranny actually hinders the performance a little bit, but not terribly. The EPA rated it 19/31, I get about 25 to 26 overall with my driving. Of course, I am used to driving V8s, so I really miss the low-end torque that you can't find in a I4 or V6.

The car has heated front seats, satellite radio with 6 or 7 files for "favorite" stations, auto-lights, fog lights, leather interior, 4 automatic windows (that go up all the way when you push the button the right way).

I have only one complaint so far... Buick forgot the "trunk-release" button in the car. Haha! I think Buick was so busy with other options that it forgot that one button; no big deal though. The car is not my preference, because I like big cars like the Grand Marquis, Park Avenue, Town car, etc. But, overall it is a beautiful wonderful car! Great job Buick!

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Review Date: 11th September, 2012

12th Sep 2012, 17:16

I am with you. I miss the Big American cars. I leased a 2012 Enclave in March, which I really like. However when all is said and done, I liked my Park Avenues better.

17th Feb 2017, 14:01

Good job Buick? Nope! Good job Opel.