25th Aug 2009, 19:12

I certainly agree that this car isn't for your average Joe mechanically inclined. I had a 1993 Regal and faced the same problem with the rear three spark plugs. Depending on the engine, you can unbolt the front engine mounts and use a floor jack to tilt the engine forward, and it gives you a few extra inches to work with.

10th Sep 2009, 03:31

I'm the author of the above review.

To the first commenter, why don't you think it could go 145? The gearing is such that it's running about 2k rpm at 80, so 145 wouldn't be a problem, it certainly has the power do to so.

And to the guy who is offended by the term 'ricer': I meant no offense with the use of that word, however if it did offend you, don't take others' comments so seriously.

To the third commenter, I considered moving the entire engine forward, but it didn't seem worth it. We just used tools, precision and some brute force to get the rear plugs out, the car runs beautifully now.

13th Sep 2009, 12:09

I would also like to mention, there are several key parts missing from my above comment that were key to it's meaning, and I don't appreciate it being dissected.

26th Nov 2009, 13:45

I had a 1992 3.8 supercharged Bonneville, and it would do 148 mph top end.

You should have no problem with 145!

20th Jun 2010, 15:27

I have the same car, and the back 3 plugs were fine. It took me under 30 minutes to replace all plugs and wires, then about another 30 minutes to do the O2 sensor. I know the car can do 145, because I saw one do it fine with the limiter bypassed, as opposed to sending it off a building top. I'm pretty sure it would never go that fast through air, plus you would destroy a nice car.

21st Jun 2010, 20:50

Terminal velocity will prevent the car from falling at 145 MPH off a building, however I'm not so sure it could do it under its own power either.

1st Dec 2010, 15:37

I think the people that say the car wouldn't get close to 145 definitely haven't driven one. I drive this car every day, and know to a certainty it would have no problem reaching that speed.

20th Mar 2011, 21:31

Great dialogue... Love it.

So, hey, I am getting ready to buy a '99 GS with 139k and I was wondering if you would have any concerns (or advice) with what you know now.

I bought a subscription to Consumer Reports but they only go back to 2001. But on the '01 to '04 Regals, the report is not very promising.

I am particularly concerned about major engine and trans. problems.

Thank you.

21st Jun 2011, 10:45

Buicks are not what they used to be. Buy a Toyota. You'll be happier in the long run.

21st Jun 2011, 16:44

Your whole comment is backwards.

21st Jun 2011, 17:30

A Toyota is about as different from a Buick as a Poodle is from a German Shepherd. I know I would never own one (Toyota). I have owned 3 Buicks now, and they are all very reliable and comfortable premium sedans.

13th Aug 2011, 22:17

I'm the original above reviewer on the car, it is now approaching 150k miles, and I couldn't be happier with the car. I just put on new tires and did the rear brakes, which took about 15 minutes. Besides normal maintenance, the car has been great. As long as you are planning on keeping up with the maintenance, I would recommend buying it. As far as buying a Toyota instead, I'd just as soon walk to work. But that's my opinion.

But yeah, buy the Buick. I love mine.