12th Nov 2004, 20:58

I have a 2001 Regal... It had a slight clunking noise in the front end... my mechanic checked the service bulletins and found that the brake calipers needed a kit because of loose fitting bolts on the calipers. It seemed to help, but I still can feel a slight clunking. I guess I will have to go to the dealer to have the steering column looked at.

2nd Sep 2005, 14:38

I have a 2001 regal with the same shutter in the steering wheel. What did you do to fix it. justin_hogan@hotmail.com.

13th Apr 2006, 09:51

Beautiful comment above. The truth can definitely be found if looking in the right place. Comparing a Regal GS and a Lexus is ridiculous. $60000 vs $25000 is just plain ignorant. Seriously. A true comparison should be made using a Regal and a Camry. Camrys are just horribly ugly anyway so there is still an unfair comparison there. Anyways, throwing away 60 large on a rice-patty caddy is about the biggest waste of money I can personally think of. For under $60, one could pick up a brand new CTS-V which would make any overpriced asian pile feel like a go-kart in comparison. BMW, Mercedes, Saab, etc. all make beautiful, performance orientated and well made vehicles. All of which make a Lexus look and perform like a tin can. And again to mention the CTS-V which will just kick the crap out of ANY Lexus and for nearly 10 grand less. Lexus is just too overpriced and underpowered. It's the uninformed and uneducated idiots who continue to buy these vehicles at a ridiculous prices which in turn, keeps the demand and prices high. WAKE UP you morons. If Lexus would price these vehicles for what they are actually worth, they may draw even more die-hard American buyers. But again, with a world full of total jerk-offs who spend money blindly, I doubt we'll see that any time soon.

4th Aug 2009, 01:21

The rice grinder crowd is buying the illusion of reliability. All cars will have issues... All cars. The foreign car loyalists like to think that they are getting "something" for all that extra money spent. So understandably it just kills them to hear or read about 200,000+ mile 3.8's like what you get with the Regal. When you throw in the fact that you can get massive price breaks through incentives and rebates, on top of comparable reliability, and it is like a dagger through their little hearts.

With all that said; not all American cars are 200,000+ mile reliable, but the Regal has more than proven itself to be all that and more... and a solid performer while doing it.

6th Jul 2020, 05:01

The 1994 Lexus LS400 has a 4 litre 250 hp V8 engine and is rear wheel drive, not a V6 3.8 litre 240 hp engine that is front wheel drive. The reality is these are quite different cars.

The stock listed performance for your Lexus is:

0-60 mph in 7.7 seconds with a 1/4 mile in 15.8 seconds.

The stock listed performance for the Regal GS is:

0-60 mph in 6.7 seconds with a 1/4 mile in 14.9 seconds.

I'm sure that you feel your car is faster than a Regal GS, but the writing on these vehicles tends to paint a different picture.