2001 Buick Regal GS 3.8L Supercharged from North America


Great sports sedan with excellent performance


I bought this car new and have been driving it for 2 years. It's at 43K miles.

I've had three minor problems with this car, one of the items repeated and appears it may be an issue.

One of the windshield wipers stopped moving at 15K miles. I tried tightening the nut down myself, but something was stripped. The dealer fixed it under warranty. They had to install a new wiper arm.

The CD player stopped working at 30K miles and had very minimal use on it. Dealer replaced it under warranty.

At 25K miles I felt a light clunking in the steering wheel/front end of the car when turning, breaking, accelerating or when hitting a bump. I looked at everything that could be suspect like breaks/struts/mounts, but found nothing. The problem gradually got worse, but at most was really only a nuisance. When I had it at the dealer for the CD player (30K miles) I asked them to look into it really not suspecting them to find anything. Right away the service rep said it was probably the steering column needed to be tightened and greased. I had never heard of this, but sure enough they tightened/greased it and it fixed the problem and drove like new. It kind of worried me that the service rep knew about this right away, I immediately suspected I'd be back for it...

At 40K miles the clunking started again and gradually got worse, so at 43K miles I called in to make an appointment and explained to the service rep that it was likely the issue with the steering column again. He said that it would not be covered because the vehicle was out of warranty, I explained that I had an extended warranty and he told me that this type of "preventative maintenance" would not be covered under the extended warranty. Luckily it had only been 10K miles since I last had it in and they cover all work performed less than 12K miles ago.

I will be taking the car in for this issue every 10K miles in the future so they do not try to charge me for this. "preventive maintenance"??? Give me a break.

I wrote a detailed review of the steering column issue in hopes of other people with the same problem being able to identify. The clunking is very slight and could be viewed as normal after you get used to it.

Please add your own survey if you have or have had this problem.

General Comments:

Overall this is a fun, luxurious, and very reliable vehicle!!! Even with the steering column issue.

I've owned multiple other new vehicles and by far this one has had the least problems, and at 43K miles it still handles, performs and rides just like new.

The 240HP 3.8L Supercharged V6 is very impressive. This car will blow away most ricebangers and sports sedans out there. 0-60 in under 7 seconds-and with the SC, it doesn't lose it's power after that like most vehicles that tout the same. Very responsive at any speed.

The interior has nice soft leather, lots of room, and the seats are very comfortable front and back. The Monsoon stereo cranks.

With all the manufacturing rebates and low interest rates, you can get a great deal on this car...

I'd definitely recommend this vehicle.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2003

18th Jul 2004, 21:43

Yes, I used to have a GS as well, but I don't see anything reliable about any GM brand, Buick definitely being one of them. I now have a Lexus GS430, the power is really impressive, the engine being just.5 Lt bigger then the Regal GS, but you feel the difference. Power is achieved at all RPM ranges and it will waste a Regal any day, both on a drag strip or an opstacle with corners. Last time I timed it, it did my 5.8 0-60, being completely stock. And since it's a Lexus, you know it's reliable.