4th Sep 2006, 17:48

I've had a 99 Regal LS since new and overall am very pleased with it. The low tire lite warning comes on after every tire rotation, which makes sense because the system monitors tire speed at each wheel and it is thrown off by the tire rotation. I have had problems with the window regulators. The first one was fixed under warranty and I never gave it a second thought. A couple weeks ago the second occurrence cost me over $500 at the dealer (warranty expired). Just yesterday my third one went and I am furious. So I went on line and found other forums where many, many people are reporting this as a major problem in their Le Sabre's, Regals, and Century's. So instead of paying outrageous sums at the dealer, I found them for under $100 online and I'll replace them myself.

21st Oct 2006, 13:22

I agree with the above mentioned problems - the only things I've ever had to fix on ANY of my Buick Regal's was the window regulators, (ahem) cup holders because they are SO rinky, and heated seat problem, diagnosed, located and soldered by your truly.

My 99 Regal that I am still driving gets terrible gas mileage (19-21 mpg) and the low tire light is on so often that I ignore it completely. I have the same issue with the "Service Engine Soon" lamp. No doubt, there is something that needs attention under there, but the last time it was hooked up to a computer (not at a dealership), it was a general error code of undetermined origin of something to that effect.

The STRANGEST other problem I am currently having is that the A/C blows out freezing cold air on the passenger side and hot air on the driver side. It has dual climate control, so I've turned it on and then off again thinking maybe something had gone haywire there, but Nada. I get the same lame-o explanations at the service shop "Maybe it's your freon", etc. I am truly stumped.

I love the ride, suspension and handling that this car provides and the get-up-and-go for a 4 door (important for cool moms like me) ha. But, I do long for the days when cars were much easier to understand & diagnose & fix without a mechanical engineering degree and physics doctorate. I much prefer to take things apart and learn as I go then to spend hours and weeks just trying to LOCATE the cause of the problem (s). Overall, though, I still love the car. Hate the cup holder. Love the car.


27th Nov 2006, 21:27

Can you elaborate on where you needed to solder the heated seat? My driver's side will no longer heat up. I tested the connector, both orange are 13V, the black is ground, the black with white stripe is ground and the light blue and pink are 8 and 12 depending on the switch setting.

27th Nov 2008, 11:43

To the user with the aircon issues...

You may find the dual controls work by actuators that move flaps around inside the dash thus piping the warm/cold air to where it is needed.

Clearly, if one side is cold then the aircon is palpably working - its just not getting to the right place so it must be a ducting issue.

It is possible one of these actuators has gone out or a connector has come adrift. No idea how to fix that but I'm 99% sure work to the aircon system would be a waste of time.

7th Dec 2011, 09:51

On the A/C issue, I agree with the user who suggested the actuator problem. I believe the only way to fix it is to replace the whole actuator. Should be $50-$100, and to get to it is a PITA, as IIRC, you have to remove the entire dash and pull out the ducting system.

7th Apr 2012, 14:27

This is a blend door motor. There are 2 of them, driver's side and passenger side. Driver's side can be a pain to install. Google "1999 buick climate control blows hot driver side"