26th Oct 2001, 18:53

I have a 1989 Buick Regal and had to do $500 dollars worth of brake work due to bad rear calipers. I received notice of a $19 million class action lawsuit telling me to send my receipt for rear brake caliper work and I would receive a refund. So far no refund, however the rear calipers have gone bad again. I will never buy another Buick product, anyone with more info about lawsuit please contact me at msupaul74@aol.com

11th Jan 2002, 19:58

The GM W Body brake litigation is real, here are the results:

"On December 14, 2001 a hearing was held in the New Jersey Superior Court for Bergen County at which time the Court approved the distribution of the Settlement Fund.

We are pleased to announce that checks will be distributed in January 2002. The amount you will receive represents your pro rata share of the amount that is being paid to the quarter of a million Authorized Claimants. Authorized Claimants are receiving approximately 12.5% of their allowed claim. Your award maybe a smaller or greater percentage based on the category of your claim as set forth in the Official Notice.

As you can imagine, with an aggregate of over 250,000 claims, the process of reviewing and checking the Proofs of Claims was a time-consuming one. We thank you for your patience.

If you need further information concerning the General Motors Brake Litigation, you may submit your questions in writing to the Settlement Administrator at the following address:

General Motors Brake Litigation

PO Box 9349

Garden City NY 11530-9349

You may also fax your correspondence to the Settlement Administrator at:


12th Oct 2002, 21:57

We "Had" a 1990 Buick Regal that also had problems with the rear calipers locking up, and causing the front brakes to over work resulting in changing front brake pads about every 8,000 miles,...as good as I as getting at changing the brake pads, I finally got fed up and got it rid of the car, I would never buy another Buick with that kind of brake system.

I also sent in over $500.00 worth of receipts for the gm lawsuit, and as of yet heard nothing!...very disappointed in GM over this whole thing.

21st Oct 2002, 17:42

I own a 96 Buick Regal and just paid for two loaded calipers at $281 each. With all the other parts, not including labor, my bill was $795 (w/labor=$942) My question is: Have I been taken by both GM and Tuffy? Do I have any recourse? Do females pay more for car repairs?

How can we empower ourselves?

I like my 96 Buick Regal and this is the first major problem I have had with it so far.

22nd Oct 2002, 12:53

No, females don't pay more for car repairs. People who don't know anything about cars, both male and female, wind up paying more all too often though. As a woman, I know that most of us treat cars like any other major appliance -- ignore it until it breaks. You're in for all sorts of trouble with that attitude.

If you want to empower yourself, learn something about your vehicle. There's plenty of books out there, and lots of people who'd be willing to talk about it. That way you'll know how to take care of it, know when something is starting to go wrong, and know when the mechanic is taking your for the proverbial ride.

Or go one better, and learn how to fix it yourself. Brakes aren't that hard. A friend and I replaced the front calipers, pads, and rotors on her car last month. Total cost was around $300, and afternoon's work, and she bought me dinner.

Education is the key to empowerment, if you ask me.

9th Sep 2003, 08:45

I have a 1994 regal with similar problems. The brakes on this car have never been right. Early wear has been a continual problem. Several different dealers/repair shops have worked on this car. no one has fixed the problem. The car has 90K on it and the brakes have been done at least 4 times. I did them the last time with no better or worst results except I saved a lot of money. I called Buick several times and they were useless. The car needed new rotors at 40 k because of corrosion problems. I have never seen a car with so much brake corrosion. This has been a good car except for the brakes.

13th Dec 2003, 06:20

I have a 94 regal gs and I haven't had a problem yet with the brakes. At what mileage does this start to happen?? I have 78,000 now.

27th Mar 2004, 03:45

Had an '89 and put 130k on it before my wife wrecked and totaled it. We never had a problem with the car (except finding out one should not wash the engine; particularly around the front where the coil packs are... they will short out when exposed to that much water.)

My wife loved her Regal and I thought it was a good lil car too!

7th Nov 2004, 09:13

Can you tell me anything about engine problems with 1995 Buick Park Avenues? The car has approximately 88,000 miles on it. We first noticed that we were losing antifreeze and took it in. It was determined that the upper intake was bad and needed to be replaced. We got the car back and drove it about 45 miles when the engine seized up. We have been hearing on the news about anti-freeze causing similar engine problems. With labor costs and parts we have had to spend about $2,000 this month alone on major car repairs. Anything you can tell me would be useful. My e-mail address is lltann71@yahoo.com.


Laurel Tanner.

2nd Aug 2007, 18:49

I have a 1996 Buick Regal Custom, I had to have the Hvac replaced and now my gas gauge isn't working. The shop said that it was a common problem with Buick's. I say they messed it up. What do you say? I had to take the car back 3 or 4 times.

20th Mar 2011, 13:37

My father has a 1996 Regal Limited. He had to buy a special tool to change the back brakes, but other than that, never really had problems with the brakes. One of the front A-frames broke or the bolt holes warped, and the CV joint came out that was bad. Of course it did have over 250,000 miles on it, so I guess that can be expected. All in all, it is a great car.

11th Jun 2013, 09:30

I have a 2001 Buick Regal that caught on fire due to a manufacturer recall for an engine compartment fire 2 months ago. I received the notification 3 weeks after the fire. I contacted Buick, sent pictures and the fire department investigation that clearly states the fire started in the engine area... Buick is telling me that I have no claims because the car is over 10 years according to Georgia status; is that crazy or what. My car was excellent condition. Can somebody help me... Are there any class actions suits going in regards to cars catching on fire because of this... Please leave me a message, thanks.

1st Jul 2014, 11:11

I bought a 2001 Buick Regal with 50,000 miles in mint condition back in 2004. I didn't have the car for a year and had an engine fire. The car was a total loss, so my insurance paid my loan off. I couldn't believe it. I was in the car when it caught on fire driving. Are there any class action lawsuits. Please reply back; my email is curtsun8888@gmail.com.

Thank you.