13th Sep 2002, 10:08

Have had a 94 Buick Regal with the 3800 engine for 4 years now. Purchased in 1998 with 105,000Km, now it has over 450,000km. Maintained with regular oil and filter changes (all synthetic). Repairs to date are the alternator, brakes, and transmission (replaced at 275,000km)

Brakes appear to be the weak spot, so far I have replaced 3 sets of rotors (all warped). The rotors are too thin to handle prolonged braking. One set warped within one week of replacement due to a panic stop.

The transmission was replaced with a used (wrecking yard) unit for $400.00CDN and has functioned flawlessly for almost 200,000km.

Overall, and considering the amount of driving I do (75,000km per year) I would recommend this vehicle.

7th Jan 2005, 18:24

I recently purchased a 1994 Buick Regal Custom with the 3.8 litre engine having 195,000 kilometres on it. Everything seems fine. I find it to be more comfortable and luxurious than the Ford Taurus S/W that I had before this car. Had a problem with the heater/AC control unit bulbs that were burnt out. Called a GM dealership and they told me that the bulbs couldn't be replaced. The whole unit would have to be purchased at a cost of about $200.00 CDN. I showed them otherwise. Took the unit out, took it apart, unsoldered the bulbs from the circuit board, and replaced them. It now works and looks like new, lights and all. Found the tiny bulbs at SMI Industrial Electronics in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. I think that they mail parts all over. The bulbs cost me $1.35 CDN each.

19th Sep 2007, 09:27

I also own a 94 Regal and it is still performing great. All I do is change oil regularly with Casteroil oil, keep gas in and it keeps on running. I am at 135,000 miles now and it is still running. I love the ride and how it handles. It still looks great. Just replacing rear brake pads then It will be on the road again. Frank, Fairchild, Wisc.

7th Aug 2008, 14:16

I have a 94 Buick Regal for about 5 Months now, and I love it. It has it problems now and then, but I think that's just the brakes and rotor needing replacement. Overall it's a great car that I got for $500. I'll keep it til it explodes!