10th Apr 2009, 20:56

After owning 2 caravans, and now the Rendezvous, I will never drive a Chrysler product again. I replaced 4 transmissions, radiator, strut towers, drove with no heater or air conditioning for years because of incredible expense of repairing them, and many other problems. The Buick has given me very little trouble- handles great in snow (front wheel drive), is very comfortable, and gets better mileage than the Caravan did.

12th Aug 2010, 10:59

Yeah, that's pretty funny. You want a Chrysler minivan instead of the Buick. That's like trading in a Lexus for a Yugo. Chrysler has yet to build a decent transmission. Browse craigslist... tell me how many Chrysler minivans you see for sale that need a new transmission.

13th Aug 2010, 09:51

To 12th Aug 2010, 10:59.

Uh, I think that you need to take a look at the Rendezvous reviews on this site. To me, it's clear why he went back to a Chrysler minivan. If Chrysler minivans were as bad as you seem to think they are, everyone and their brother would not own one.

On that note, GM also makes some incredibly solid vehicles, however, the Rendezvous is not one of them. There are TONS of upset owners. I also don't know about this whole "Chrysler hasn't made a decent transmission." So, I take it you haven't looked at a recent Honda review either...

I've never had an issue with a Chrysler transmission, and I've owned enough of them.

Anyway, this is not a minivan review. Overall, I think that the Rendezvous was a good concept, it just didn't come out a good vehicle. Either way, I feel bad for the reviewer. Its always a bummer to get a lemon.

13th Aug 2010, 19:35

It is a well known fact in the auto industry that Chrysler has had wide spread transmission problems with both their cars and mini-vans for many years. Take your own advice and read the reviews on this site. In the last ten years Chrysler's mini-van has lost a lot of market share to the Japanese, just like every other domestic make. In fact GM and Ford don't even offer them anymore, and I remember reading at one time that Chrysler was also considering dropping theirs. Really nothing Chrysler makes sells well these days. I wouldn't say that the Rendezvous is better than the Chrysler mini-vans, but it isn't much worse either, and at least it isn't a mini-van!