1984 Buick Riviera 2 door coupe 5.0L 307cid V8 from North America


- Alternator.

- Battery.

- Thermostat.

-valve cover gaskets.

- Transmission gasket.

(nothing I couldn't replace myself)

General Comments:

- Very dependable.

- Great handling and power (It has a factory FWD V8 set-up.) with 255 torque!

- Very comfortable, and lots of room (it has velor seats, and no tranny hump.)

- Easy to find parts for.

- But, gas mileage is 14mpg, 22 highway, with OD.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2005

11th Feb 2005, 08:26

Next time you post a review why don't you try using the spellcheck?

6th Feb 2006, 15:41

I find ALL comments on the 83, 84 and 85 Buick Riviera to be highly informative to a prospective buyer, here in the UK. It would seem that GM's 4 speed automatic transmission with electronic Overdrive is very unreliable, compared to its earlier 3 speed transmission.

From reading many of these excellent reviews, it would seem that US cars up to the late 1970's are much less complicated and more reliable than their 1980's counterparts.

Live Long and Prosper. So Say We All. Marty, England, UK.

17th May 2021, 12:39

How often should oil in the differential be changed in 1984 Buick Riviera with 307 gas V8 front wheel trans axle? It's shifting perfectly now.

22nd Jul 2021, 22:04

Yes, I have owned 80 cars in my life ranging from the model year 1950 to 2001. I make it a point to avoid cars from 1975 through about 1993, and then again after about 2008.

1984 Buick Riviera 2 door Coupe 5.0 litre (307cu. in.) from North America


A gas guzzling V8 tank from when they still knew how to build them


Transmission self destructed - 138667 miles.

CV joints replaced.

Water pump impellers broke off.

Fuel pump shot.

Emission control is junk.

Wheel bearings going.

Power seat failure.

General Comments:

This car is comfortable and roomy.

It is built like a tank, I hit a deer doing 50mph and it didn't leave a dent!

Decent off-road performance, however, lacks speedy acceleration, tranny doesn't let the rpms climb over 3500.

Gas mileage sucks, about 12mpg city, 19mpg highway.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2001

25th Jun 2001, 09:22

I agree with everything this user states here, except for the performance. It's not the tranny that causes the problem with performance. It's the catalytic converter. My gas mileage is much better than that. I get 18 city 25 highway. Best car I have ever owned!

14th Mar 2003, 09:27

I have a 1984 Riviera rag top which I have owned since 1991. The car now has about 215,000 miles on it, but many expensive repairs have been needed to keep it going. Rear air suspension has broken twice, engine rebuild at 165,000 miles, transmission rebuilt twice (yikes!!) really expensive replacement of convertible top material, various other annoying problems and now a leaking transmission line. BUT... they have all been taken care of and I still own the car because it looks great, is very comfortable and it is the last of the full size convertibles. Driving a full size convertible is an experience that cannot be topped by ANY other kind of car. I have not experienced any of the rust problems that others have talked about with my car. It is always garaged, but I live in the north east where salt and weather usually take a harsh toll on a car. Even the original paint is still pretty good 19 years later. I will probably keep this car until a new full size American convertible with great styling is produced - which might be never at this rate (unfortunately).