1997 Buick Riviera Supercharged 3.8 V6 from North America


Holy cow! I bought the most comfortable sofa ever! Check it out - it has an engine in it!


130000 - Fuel pump replaced.

135000 - Rotors replaced.

Horrible wind noise when I get a cornering headwind from the passenger side. I am pretty sure it is due to the previous owner closing the door by pushing on the top of the window (frame-less windows), so now the window is loose on its seating, causing a small bit of separation with the wrong aerodynamic conditions.

Was recently told my passenger front wheel bearing looks a little worn.

Was recently told my oil pan gasket was seeping. I use Mobil1 synthetic, very thin, so a little seepage might be OK to a thicker oil.

General Comments:

Absolute dream car! Supercharged speed meets leather sofa driving down the road. I have driven this car for a 10 hour stretch only stopping for fuel and food, and was ready to get out and do something when I arrived. Front seats and back seats are all very comfortable, although the back seats require a small learning curve to get in and out.

Overall MPG is about 24-26, and my highway mileage when I go on long trips nets me around 30-33.

I usually get good comments on the style. It is very unique for a Buick, and I love the way it curves around the hood and the trunk - very sleek.

For a 4700 lb. car, it handles extraordinarily well, taking curves and corners like it knows what you want to do before you get there. The steering pump must be enormous, as it takes the slightest amount of pressure to turn the wheel full circle.

Buy one, make sure it has the Series II 3800 engine, and you will not be disappointed.

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Review Date: 27th March, 2009

29th Mar 2009, 16:30

I would check that weight. A loaded Park Avenue only weighs about 3800-3900 pounds. That's curb weight so you may be referring to gross weight, although I really don't know the difference.

31st Mar 2009, 14:44

A little known fact: Full size cars with the 3800 engine can achieve 30mpg highway mileage. I have a Park avenue and have actually achieved up to 33mpg one time. But usually average around 30-31mpg going 70mph on trips. City mileage though is not really that good; anywhere from 18-21mpg, but it's OK. Guess everyone thinks only Honda's and Toyota's can get good gas mileage.

1997 Buick Riviera Supercharged V-6 Series III from North America


It's stylish and not many people have them


The Rivera is a pretty well made car. It has a few problem now since it's 11 years old.

The original pearl white paint started peeling. So it was repainted about two years ago. A couple months ago a small piece of paint (like a fist) turned into 3/4 of the paint coming off.

The car has electrical problems like the passenger window doesn't go down anymore.

The sunroof/moon-roof linings is peeling off.

Trunk hydraulic pumps don't stay up.

The two front Concert II speakers are busted.

It doesn't start sometimes.

There is a radiator leak.

Driver's front tire is always low on air.

Shorts throughout the car.

General Comments:

Very fast at taking off.

A myriad of features need a little bass.

Everything is fixable.

I'm sure there are a lot of people with these problems :)

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Review Date: 15th February, 2008

1997 Buick Riviera Supercharged 3.8 series II supercharged from North America


Your grannies grocery-getter with attitude!


Power window switch.

Key locked into ignition, have to keep the door key on a separate chain and keep the ignition key in the car.

Normal maintenence like tires, plugs, transmission filter etc.

General Comments:

I honestly have to say that this car, the 93-97 Impala SS and Camaro, and 93-97 Bonneville ssei's are THE best looking cars to come from GM since the 60's.

I LOVE this car, it looks nothing like anything else on the road, low production numbers make it a truely unique car, and the interior is a fresh, modern update of the classic first gen 63-65 Rivs.

Comfort is BEYOND anything I've ever ridden in, power memory seats, dual climate control, heated seats, leather, and an awesome heater make for a plush ride, and the placement of all of the controlls is perfectly in reach in any position.

Now for my favorite part. Buicks have been, and always will be, the ultimate sleeper brand. GS, GSX, Grand National, turbo t-type, GnX, and now, this car. The melding of a two-door, luxury coupe with GMs famed Series II supercharged was genius. Smooth ride, and raw, American made power when you need it, this is certainly an unexpected hit. I honestly have no complaints for this car other than the mileage (not GMs fault) and that they gave this once proud name plate the nix (GMs fault)

This is as close As I'll ever get to owning some true American, Buick muscle since 30+ year old GS's and SS's take more time, money, and patience than your typical kid has. I love the complements I get from other Buick owners, but not as much as the looks I get when other teens in their compact turbo cars watch me light the tires and boost gauge (aftermarket), and get a glimpse of a set of taillights they'll never forget. Plus low insurance rates and the fact that the fuzz is less likely to pull over a kid in a Buick than a kid in his dad's z28, Corvette or WS-6.

This car singlehandedly restored honor to the dying Buick name during the 90s, and showed the world that Buick was more than your granddad's cruiser, it was a name dedicated to comfort, style, reliability, and speed, molded together the Buick way.

To sum it all up, Yes, I would really REALLY rather have a Buick!

PS am I the only 20 year old that enjoys driving and modding a Buick or what?!

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Review Date: 14th January, 2007

16th Jan 2007, 11:26

The problem was that the '95-'99 Riviera WAS "your granddad's cruiser", even with a supercharger: overweight and emphasizing ride comfort over handling. The dashboard was supposed to evoke memories of the first '63-'65 Rivieras, but ended up just being difficult to use.

Can't really fault Buick for not trying, though. Their earlier attempt, the Reatta, was even less of a sales success than the final Riviera.

Buick now really needs a model to "restore honor" to its name, though: after this year the Rendezvous, Rainier, and Terraza all disappear, leaving just two models: the LaCrosse and the Lucerne. Kind of the same thing that happened at Oldsmobile just before GM announced it was pulling the plug...