20th Jan 2007, 11:30

The 95-99 Riviera is my #1 choice for my next car. I drive a '92 Sedan Deville right now (I have a review on here) and love the big, smooth, luxurious, powerful american cars, typically Buicks, Cadillacs and some Oldsmobiles. The Riv is beautifiul, powerful, good on gas, very comfortable and reliable. Your review is spot on, oh and I'm 19, and when I get my Riv (or Park Avenue Ultra) I'll modify it some.

21st Jan 2007, 23:24

Nice to see someone my age driving something other than a God-awful import or a banged up primered 5.0 mustang, my Caddy driving friend.Yes, there are plenty of mods for this engine, you just have to look, and since this car was made for only 4 years, most aftermarket companies don't bother listing it. Anyways, good luck finding your Riv', and if you can't find one I've always found the 90's elDorados to be mean looking coupes!also, if you live in N.C. or are interested in creating a performance oriented club for Caddillac, Buick, or Oldsmobile leave me a comment or E-mail!

To the guy above your review:

1. At 3,700 pounds roughly this car is moderately heavy, considering a 4,200 pound 260hp 330 ft/lb Impala SS can do 0-60 in 6.5 seconds, my car with some mods should have no problem laying some rubber lines. Also, 94-01 f-bodies are almost as heavy, even with the 3.8 or all aluminum ls1 v8.

2. Buick had no trouble at all selling these cars, in fact, if they weren't in such demand in 98, there wouldn't have been a 99 model year or 200 special editon silver arrow cars, and 2,000+ cars were sent through the doors in 99 on request only. The only reason these cars were dropped is the same reason the Camaro and Firebird/Trans-Am was dropped, the market for ALL, not just Buick or luxury oriented,2-door coupes was lost in favor for SUVS (at the time) and 4-doors like the GP and impala

23rd Jan 2007, 18:38

To the original poster, it's me with the Cadillac again, I work at a Chevrolet dealer, in the service department, and one of my coworkers has a '99 GTP that's been modded, and one of his buddies has a '01 Regal GS that runs 12.69, so I hear a lot of praises for the L67 S/C 3800 from them. I'm not sure if the G bodies have all the aftermarket support the W-bodies do, but I know all of the aftermarket stuff for the L67's is universal.

If you want to read my review on my deVille, go look in the reviews for the '92 deVilles, mine is titled "Cadillac...standard of the world" or something to that extent, it's 882 words. I wrote one on the '95 Roadmaster Limited I owned before I got the Caddy... that review is titled "The Perfect Sleeper" and is entitled 527 words. So yeah, I like the big american luxury cruisers. :)

3rd Feb 2007, 00:45

Hey again, I've read both your reviews, liked em too. W-body cars definently are hard to find specific parts for, but engine parts are mostly universal, but some things are damn pricey, like 400-500 dollar headers from SLP or Pacesetter!

I'm looking into doing a engine overhaul sometime soon, since it has over 150k miles on the clock (wouldn't hurt since it give me a chance to do a cam swap and a little porting and polishing here and there.)

Those roadmasters are definently under-rated sleepers,considering the 96 collectors edition is almost a full second faster 0-60 (6.7-6.8 seconds as stated by car and driver magazine) than an impala SS!

Good luck finding you next car (hope it's a Buick or caddy!), and when you do e-mail me some pics if you want, my address is grease_monkey_87@hotmail.com, ill send you some pics of my riv, I just finished putting a straight-pipe exhaust on and some other mods (exterior) I was gonna put it on car domain, but the sites too slow and annoying. Anyway, keep up the good reviews and good luck car hunting!

6th Sep 2008, 12:02

Hey Where did you find the things for your Buick as in aftermarket, I Search everyday hoping to find something but I can't! Please help? You're not the only 20 year old that appreciates a Buick Riviera.

7th Sep 2008, 17:07

5,400 lbs for a Buick Riviera?? Maybe if it is a 1976. Your 1997 probably weighs closer to 3,800 lbs. I have a Park Avenue which is heavier, and I know it doesn't even weigh 4,000 lbs.

17th Oct 2008, 14:04

Not sure how this works but I will give it a try... hello everyone:)

I am about to buy Buick Riviera 1997 supercharged V6 from someone who really looked after the car. Well it had two owners (7y. 5y.) The car is gorgeous and I drove it and loved it. I am getting a pretty good deal I hope but I found out on the carfax the car had an accident in 1999 and was repaired in 2003.. could have been just something small or the car sat for 4 years somewhere...

The owner is saying it is in perfect condition, and I really want to trust him as he doesn't know anything about any accident and told me the car has new brakes / tires and only 56000 miles on..

What is the car worth?.. I am 29 and this is my first car.. guess it is too big for first time driver (as Europe doesn't count here) but I love it...

What other check ups can I do on it?

26th May 2009, 08:41

I would like to know which Buick car was made in 1999, where only 199 or 200 of them were made, if there was one please. Thanks. If anyone knows, please email me at lilernhrdtfn3@yahoo.com.

29th Jun 2010, 22:58

I have had a 97 Riviera for about 5 years now. Grandpa gave it to me when he stopped driving. I love that car. I was surprised with the amount of pick up that it has. It is 2010 now, and I just broke 70,000 on the odometer. I keep it covered and in the garage most of the time. That is definately the most comfortable car I have ever driven. Maybe someday it will be a collector car.

11th Feb 2013, 10:42

I live in N.C. as well, and I am in the process of getting a '99 Riviera supercharged. Please contact me at madisonfootball999@gmail.com if you can help me with customization of this car.