21st Nov 2008, 21:20

People that believe that Japanese and German cars are better than American car should just keep reading "Road & Track" "Car & Driver" and "Motor Trend". Then you can continually be able to back up your beliefs with expert opinions... we true drivers know the truth (and especially mechanics!!)

23rd Dec 2008, 16:26


I bought the 1996 Riviera in July 2004, with 98,000 miles, for $7,000. I am the second owner and the car was always garage-kept and all mileage was long-distance (Philadelphia to Miami). This car has every option, except not supercharged.

I suppose I have put $7,000 into the car. That's not much considering what a new car costs.

My motor through a rod in April 2008. We swapped in the same motor from a 2003 Impala LZ with 29,000.

My ex-wife got the 1995 Impala SS in the divorce. That bubble chevy has 143,000 miles now. She has put close to $8,000 into the motor alone. She could have bought a crate engine for all that, but her VIN numbers do match.

Each of us lives in snow country (Colorado Springs and Watertown, New York). We run studded winter tires all around. Each car is garage-kept, but because we live in military communities, these cars are very much respected by the military youth. They drive fast and close.

My point is two-fold:

1. Old cars can last forever if you are willing to pay for maintenance. However, if they are classic American big cars and 'keepers', at some point you do not want to continue using them as daily drivers.

2. General Motors has built some 'keepers'. The bubble Impala SS would have made a great rag-top and El Camino. I believe the Riviera died because Buick was catering to the over 80-year old crowd and the doors were too big. General Motors needs to stop there in-fighting and defining their customer base.

In summary, I am shopping for a new, small, fast car for me and the ex-wife.

Suzuki SR4.

7th Jun 2010, 16:03

I have a 1995 Supercharged Riviera. It's not high mileage (81K +), but it's been a very trouble free car.

I'm only lamenting the fact that Buick no longer makes the Riviera. So I plan to keep this one for a good while.

I did have to replace the radiator a couple of months ago, but the original review claimed the interior and the car as a whole was not of good quality. I totally disagree. My supercharger is rattling a bit, but I found a kit that would fix that for $55. I'll tell ya, I wouldn't trade this car for anything, especially a Toyota!!!

Before this Rivie, I had a 1971 Chevelle Convertible that lasted me for 25 years. The only repairs on it was a new top and a paint job. Sold it to a collector still running like a top.

I always have and always will buy American brands.

15th Sep 2010, 17:31

I recently bought a '95 Buick Riviera off of my little brother. It has over 260,000 miles on it and runs great. The only thing is there is a manifold leak and it needs a new computer. Other than that, it is a very great car, and would like to keep it for many years to come.

All the off-road guys I know are wanting to buy the motor off of me, but I am not letting this one go.

Overall, this is a great dependable car. Plus, I can beat most "sports" cars off the line in traffic!!!