1995 Buick Riviera Supercharged 3.8 liter V6 from North America


A beautiful lemon


Fuel pump went at 125,000 miles.

Front suspension began bouncing badly and the rear suspension, when hitting a bump in the road, makes the entire rear-end of the car shift slightly in the direction whichever tire recieves impact.

Radiator developed a crack and had to be replaced at 140,000 miles.

Coil packs had to be replaced at 147,000 miles.

Flip-up plastic cover that hides the ashtray and cigarette lighter just fell apart one day w/o me even touching it. I was driving down the road and it just fell apart for no reason. This happened just this saturday (8/20/05).

Also, the car just began stalling at highway speeds. Sometimes, it will restart on its own, other times I have to pull off the road and restart.

The defroster setting for the front windshield blows hot on the driver side and cold for the passenger side. Sometimes, the car decides to switch sides in which the driver side blows cold and the passenger side blows warm.

The hinges of the trunk lid, where they are supported by the nuts and bolts that go through the frame have caused rust holes, so now when it rains, water enters the luggage area.

The paint is starting to fade on the trunk.

The seat controls are cracking and breaking apart on their own.

The supercharger sometimes makes rattling noises.

The engine bay light only works when the headlights come on.

The "Service Engine Soon" light comes on and goes off. Whenever it does come on, the car acts as if it is skipping. I can temporarily solve the problem by turning the car off and restarting it.

The power steering assist doesn't kick in when I am parking the car.

The "Low Coolant" light comes on and rarely goes off. The car has been checked and no one can figure out why it comes on.

In hot weather, the electronic locks that engage when the gear changes are made do not work all the time.

General Comments:

This car is impressively quick for such a large car.

The car is beautifully designed. Too bad the quality isn't there.

However, the interior is of very poor quality, fit and finish.

The interior pieces are of cheap material that breaks easily if you're not careful.

Also, with the dashboard, you have to be careful when you touch it because you may scratch the painted surfaces... you shouldn't have to baby a car in this manner and it just doesn't say quality.

If the weather is hot, my Riviera seems to "get tired" while being driven. Meaning, the charging system seems to drop the cars idling very low and the car doesn't shift as strongly as it should.

Also, the electronic shift gauge on the instrument cluster blinks on and off a lot.

I have always been against American vehicles, which is sad because I am American, but this car has confirmed that I will not be buying another American car again. Thank God for German and Japanese vehicles. They know how to build cars that will last a long time!

I have problems with this car, back to back, and I am going to sell it for a ridiculously low price this fall just to get it out of my hair. I don't trust the name Buick anymore. This car has truely turned me off.

Just goes to show you that what looks good ain't always so! This is why the first owner sold the car to me!

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2005

23rd Aug 2005, 11:59

I don't even know where to begin... as far as the hot/cold air coming out of your vents, try checking/adjusting the dual zone climate control. You probably didn't even know you had it. Also, seeing as how this is the first model year of that particular style of the Riviera, I would say that your luck isn't too bad. That and you picked the car up with over 100,000 miles to begin with. It's people like you that are putting Americans out of jobs, you with you "foreign is superior" attitude. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it is not. If you don't believe me, look at the tons of negative reviews on Audi's and VW's, or even Hondas. Your comment probably is unfounded. You probably drive some little 2 cylinder Honda Accrap.

1995 Buick Riviera 2 Dr Coupe 3.8L V6 Supercharged from North America


Fast, Luxurious Sports coupe


I've had my Riviera repainted 2 times because the paint keeps bubbling up and coming off, and it needs another job now.

The high-beams don't work.

The back seat air vent, piece of plastic broke off and a piece on the center console (where the gear shifter is) pieces of that are flaking off.

When it rains, the belts squeak... but I won't blame that on the car itself.

General Comments:

This car runs great and it's really fast. Styling is great. Some people say it looks like a boat, but they change their mind when they ride in it. I get lots of compliments on it... when it's clean.

I LOVE IT. My son is begging me to give it to him for his 15th birthday in July.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2004