1995 Buick Riviera 3.8 from North America


The 1995 Buick Riviera is the safest, most comfortable, powerful and stylish car around


The Fuel Pump went bad at 120,000 miles.

General Comments:

The 1995 Buick Riviera is by far the nicest vehicle I've driven. I prefer its looks, power and ride to all of my peers' import luxury sedans.

I bought the car because of its beautiful styling, but its smooth ride and responsive handling make it a pleasure to drive. Its power and handling is impressive for such a large car.

I was in a very serious accident with the car, and fortunately I walked away. The Buick was moderately damaged, but drivable. The car that struck me was crushed, and the driver was not nearly as lucky as I was. The car makes me feel safe because of its large size, power and agility.

I suffered two herniated discs as a result of this accident, and the Buick is the only vehicle that I can comfortably ride in for extended periods of time.

I'm also a high mileage driver, and at 161,500, the car has been relatively trouble free. It is unfortunate that Buick no longer manufactures the Riviera, because I would definitely buy a new one.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2003

19th Oct 2005, 21:54

Its good that you walked away. I'm thinking of buying one myself? should i?

20th Oct 2005, 10:48

Yes, by all means.

No, wait, maybe not. Oh, wth, go for it. Or should you? Gosh!

1995 Buick Riviera 3.8 Supercharged from North America


A good classic American sports coupe


Needed new shocks, struts, and front suspension bushings, but that would be normal for the miles and years on the car.

Needed a new radiator as the old one developed a crack in the plastic side tank. Why would they be so silly as to use plastic??

General Comments:

Lots of fun to drive and very comfortable. Disappointed that there is a speed limiter at about 105 mph because the car is very stable up to that point. Good gas mileage if you don't romp on it, and if you do you will still get 20 mpg or better. Spend money on good tires. I recommend a Z rated rain tire.

Really like the styling and the comfort features are good too.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2003

1995 Buick Riviera turbo from North America


A reliable performer worth the price


I am surprised at all the problems folks have had with the 1995 Riviera. This is my third Riviera and unquestionable the best of the three. I just replaced all four tires, two rear shocks, belts and brake maintenance; I think this is probably predictable with any car. I think the problem that people are having is they really don't know how their car was maintained when they bought it as used. Understandably, the cost of maintenance on the Riviera may run you a bit more money than other cars, but this is not just another car. It truly is a luxury sport car. When buying used, please ask for previous maintenance records so you have an idea of what was an was not done to the car. I got top dollar when I sold my first to Rivieras', but this one I'm going to hold on to for two reasons: 1. I truly enjoy this car and, 2. they don't make them any longer.

General Comments:

A true luxury sport car with room to spare.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2003

20th May 2003, 15:48

Should have a look at the mileage for the other reviews where owners report reliability problems. The car reviewed here has 30-40 fewer miles than the others. I have an 85 Riviera with about 80,000 miles and was trouble free (except for brake work and timing belts replaced at 60k) up until about 10,000 miles ago. Now it is one thing after the other that goes wrong. It just blew a head gasket the other day and doubt seriously if I will fork out the money to get it fixed yet again.

14th Oct 2004, 12:21

I just bought my 1995 Riviera back from my daughter who needed a more mom friendly SUV for her 2nd child (on the way}. I gave it to her for college with 40,000 miles on it four years ago. She replaced some hoses, a very expensive battery and had the usual maintenance costs. She sold it back to me with 120,000 miles on it. We just drove it back from Virginia Beach to Milwaukee and it hummed along beautifully. I have always loved this car and still do.